Two bye's every year, please!

I like having the two byes each year.


  1. I’m admittedly immature, and Utah sports affect me. I’m either nervous pre-game, grumpy after a loss (apparently I’m John Beck “it ruined my weekend”) or mentally and physically exhausted after a win. My poor wife. She watches football, but isn’t emotionally invested like me, a 10 year old girl at her first sleep over.

  2. Gives me a chance to watch other college football games without any emotional involvement.

Frank Thomas says “2 bye’s - she’ll like it too wink, wink”

I agree i like having the two bye weeks. It lets me concentrate on the honey-do-list for those two weeks so my wife will leave me alone on game days!

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Totally depends on the number of weeks between labor day and Thanksgiving. There are two byes when Labor Day falls really early or Thanksgiving falls really late, as it does this year, so that there are 14 weeks instead of 13

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