Twitter drama

Looks like someone posted something about Tyler Huntley and Twitter went crazy in his defense. Does anyone know what was said? Screenshot? BYU fan doing BYU things? Apparently Aaron Roderick even jumped in.

Some jackarse (one of ours, unfortunately) made a comment that having Huntley do post-game interviews reflected poorly on the quality of a Utah education (because of his dialect).

Everyone - including Huntley himself, Weddle, Covey, Roderick, Holliday, and even Huntley’s mom - called him out on it.

Dude tried to backtrack. He then tried claiming he was a bitter BYU fan…which didn’t go so well, since he was wearing Utah gear in all his pictures. He has since nuked all his social media accounts.

The moral of the story: don’t be a dick, especially on social media.

EDIT: KSL sums it up better than I did.


Never thought I would say this, but a big thank you to the BYU coaches ! What a fu#king Jackwagon that dude is !

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Twitterverse is the worst. How in the world does any Ute fan badmouth Tyler Huntley???


I’m missing something here. The account is still viewable on Twitter and when I look at its history, it looks pretty zoobish to me. Particularly back in September - before results piled up.


Exactly. Dude is clearly not a Ute fan.


I’m kind of annoyed we are giving as much attention as we are. Sometimes people say stupid stuff. I once posted a picture of a person that I thought was funny but turned out the person was special needs. I felt terrible, and certain individuals made sure I was aware of my mistake. End of story. Of course that happened here, well not here but the old site, and was quickly dealt with. Because this is out in the twittersphere, this could seriously impact his life. I don’t think two wrongs make a right, I’m sure he feels awful and stupid right now. We should move on.

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His account seems to be gone but Google produced this:

It doesn’t look like his tweet was a spur of the moment thing.

I’m not convinced he is a Ute fan. I can’t explain why he is wearing Ute clothing in some of his Instagram pics (mental illness? GF makes him do it? Identity crisis? Bandwagoner? Who the hell knows?), but his Twitter posting history has YEARS of pro-BYU and anti-Utah posts. BYU fans are convinced he’s just a troll that is trying to make BYU fans look bad, but his posts don’t seem very troll-ish to me, they seem very genuine.

Anyway, the whole thing is just weird.