TV deal

What is going on with tv contract?

Sounds like the unrest at Disney/Espn is turning out to be a real positive. Quote from a news source was something to the effect that the power in the room just shifted (in a good way for the Pac-12).

Hard to say whether any details will be released during media days this week. These things are obviously complex and take time.


I’ve kind of checked out of it all. I am finding as a fan it’s become such an absurd and fan hostile game (broadcast, alignment, etc) that this money chasing shuffle has seriously undermined my give a ■■■■ for the game.

Seeing USC and UCLA and Texas and Oklahoma etc betray fans and historic rivalries to play far away has just further divorced the teams from the schools that made me think of it as a college sport.

Being left in limbo for a year wondering if we will still have a conference in 2025 has pushed me to a point of numbness.

I remember when the baseball strike followed by the steroid scandals finally broke my dedication to baseball. Never seriously watched it as a fan again (unimaginable for most of my life). Feel like that’s what’s happening with Football.

I still have a spark of hope and interest but it’s fading fast. Seriously fast. It’s less anger than fatigue and a feeling that the fans are completely disrespected in the entire process (across FB not just in the PAC)


The longer the TV media situation goes on, the clearer it becomes this is just one aspect of the business side, and the media landscape is undergoing a big shift, like has happened before.

Before cable TV it was only the four broadcast stations, and before that it was radio, before that if you didn’t actually go to the game, you had to look up the scores in the local paper. If you were fortunate, a paper boy delivered that news to your front porch… unless it was the Utes at Hawaii. (In that case you hoped somebody at school stayed up late enough to listen to the game.)

My grandfather was a hard core Utah fan in 1926 in Ike Armstrong’s second season, and actually traveled with the team in their last game at Hawaii… on a ship. The Utes won that game and finished 7-0.

(My grandpa knew some of the players and was a stowaway, depending on different players to bring food from the dining room back to his hiding place. The crew thought something was up and he was discovered before they reached Honolulu and wasn’t able to go to the game.)

I have no idea who won the national championship 97 years ago, I seriously believe nobody cares, at this point. But I’ll be at RES on August 31, for damn sure.

Utah will be OK, no matter what happens.

I think the biggest news by far in the last year is the 12 team playoff. Combine that with the big shift in the media situation, and schools will be less preoccupied with TV money and more focused on finding a way into the playoffs.

When teams like Utah & Oregon have a clearer path into the playoffs than USC, the TV money won’t look as awesome in Los Angeles.


Southern Cal will always think they have a clear path, because, they’re Southern Cal and therefore inherently better than everyone else. At least that’s my conclusion from observing them.


Wait. Wait. Are you saying that is not true? Please, don’t burst my bubble like this!



Fact Check………………




You sure about that? With expanded playoffs winning the conference is not necessary. If we somehow find a defense (no guarantee) I like our chances in the B1G and the money will always look awesome!



Fact check…
$C is 2-4 over the last 6 vs Utah and
4-6 over the last 10.



You should be thankful for that, because…


We’re a bit familiar with the B1G, as you may know.

USC’s best chance of success in the B1G is to play a couple of cream puffs in the first 2 weeks, take a BYE and relocate the team to the east time zone for the next 5 weeks and get all the road games done, then come back to the Coliseum to close out the season.

I’m serious. Looks like UCLA’s '24 schedule is your setup to make that happen.

Even then, topping UM, tOSU and Penn State will be a major uphill climb.


This just appeared in The Athletic. Excerpt:

The Pac-12’s long-delayed media rights deal will not be announced at Friday’s football media day, a conference source told The Athletic, in part because of recent developments in the negotiations.

“We’ve seen folks come to the table that were not at the table six months ago,” the person said. “The patience that the presidents and chancellors are showing is paying off, because waiting is going to result in better deals than the league would have gotten three, six, nine months ago.”

The person said there remains no specific timetable for an announcement beyond the “near future.”

It has now been nearly a full year since commissioner George Kliavkoff announced at the Pac-12’s 2022 football media day that the league had initiated discussions for a new media rights deal to begin with the 2024 football season, when the league’s current deals with ESPN, Fox and the Pac-12 Networks expire. He said at the time the process “will likely take months to complete.”

Over the past five months, several league presidents and ADs have made public comments indicating an imminent timeline for a new deal, none of which came to pass. The longer the talks have dragged on, the more speculation has swirled that schools like Colorado and Arizona, known to be expansion targets for the Big 12, might defect.

But both Arizona president Robert Robbins and Colorado chancellor Phil DiStefano have indicated their schools won’t make any decisions until they know the details of the Pac-12’s next deal. The Big 12’s new deals with ESPN and Fox, which begin in 2025, are reportedly valued at $31.7 million per school annually.

“We’re not going to even think about going anywhere, none of us, until we see what kind of offer we get, and that’s still being worked out,” DiStefano told USA Today in late April.

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And now this from ESPN:

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If the Pac-12 never announces a deal they never have to worry about Arizona or Colorado considering other offers. Brilliant!

We need “Keep Pac 12 Weird” stickers like they have in Austin and Portland.

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I like it.

The goofs on Cougarboard are now actually angry with Colorado and Arizona. “Lifeboat offer withdrawn!

This synthetic misery they’ve worked themselves into will get much, much worse when they actually get into October.

And we’ll be able to say “remember when the highlight of your season was the anticipation of Arizona announcing their departure from the PAC… which never happened? What the hell were you guys smoking back then? It sure was amusing to watch.


Low key hoping they just decided to spurn TV and announce a Radio Deal. Then again, Grantland Rice was my Great Grandma’s cousin so I have a soft spot for Radio.

Even the most myopic byu/B12 fan has to know the B12 is the absolute last resort for any PAC school.

If the four corner schools go to the B12 it’s only because the B1G was able to get UW, Oregon & Stanford. Nobody is going to leave the PAC for the B12 without the PAC imploding.

When the TV deal is announced and PAC schools will be getting more money than the B12 schools are getting is Cooterboard going on suicide watch?


someone said something negative about USC on the Maryland Terapins board, I hope someone can go over there and straighten them out.


The folks at cougarboard should be more worried about their potential 0-fer conference season coming up. Hoping and praying for the PAC to implode requires an awful lot of energy.


Shows where their priorities are. We are still living rent free in their heads. Have been since their knee jerk reaction to go independent.