Tua Tagavailoa in concussion protocol again

Just beginning to wonder if this kid ought to retire. He’s had, what 3 concussions this season? Been in and out of the line up due to injury since Alabama.

Just for his sake, maybe he should retire.

The situation is starting to look like Luke Staley 2.0.

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I hate it for him but I would retire. His career really took a hit when his injury on his hip happened at Mississippi State:

After that he has not fallen correctly when being tackled. It’s wild how he has signs of brilliance in games and then take a weird fall and has an obvious concussion. He was dealing till this play:

Then he was throwing balls to the other team after the fall this week. I hope he walks away but knowing him someone is going to need to step in and take the opportunity for further injury away from him.

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Steve Young was pretty animated on this topic yesterday. Until they can get better objective scientific data, the subjective reactions of players really need to be almost disregarded.

On Saturday Tua’s taking responsibility for the 3 picks was seen as him being accountable, a positive sign. On Sunday he reported symptoms, yesterday it became public.

Donovan Mitchell last year took quick awhile to recover from a concussion… but if you’re a guard and your 3 game isn’t working, you might as well not be on the court.

In the NFL you throw head scratcher interceptions and are praised for being accountable.

If the NFL doesn’t count Tua out for the rest of this season, they’re simply not serious about the concussion issue. Ten year old kids understand this issue.


They aren’t serious. After the hit in October in Cincinnati they should have pulled him. I get pretty vocal about paying college players. This is part of the reason. These guys are damaging and shortening their lives for entertainment. I love the game and hate the game at the same time.

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