Trouble ahead for Sharrieff Shah's wife

Here’s more from the SL Trib.

Jen Shah arrested for wire fraud

My contacts with Sharieff Shah have been really nice and he seemed to be a genuinely good guy. I hope that he’s not dragged into this, but it’s pretty hard to believe he wouldn’t have a clue how his wife was earning money. And, if he knew, he’d also know it was illegal given his prior profession was as an attorney.

Not good.

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Well, this isn’t good…isn’t good at all.

I have a “friend” who is a closeted watcher of a few of the Housewives series. SLC being his favorite version of the franchise. This “friend” told me having watched her abhorrent behavior on the show they are not surprised she finds herself in this predicament.

If I may, I am so damn sick of the rampant fraud in Utah. It seems like a new Ponzi scheme is divulged monthly in this state. Especially affinity fraud. I have some family members who lost a lot of money in a Ponzi scheme by Rockwell Debt Free Properties. This Ashby dude at Rockwell would pay to have LDS apostles come speak at his events.



Yeah, wut? I find that kinda hard to believe given the churches stated position on businesses that guarantee plus speaking fees?

Strange set of values at times. I don’t lock my desk at work (when we’re working at the office) as I have no worry that someone will take my snacks. But some of these same people would never take a candy bar from you will pull a neighbor into some MLM plan and take their life savings and think of that as “I’m just a smart business person”


Man it’s crazy that this is the second event center fraud case I’ve heard about in the last couple of years. So many fraudsters in this damn state.

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One of the apostles was on the board of Rockwell. You can use the “way back” website to see this. I also personally know the people who attended these business events. I guess my family members could be lying to me. :thinking:

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Boardmail me a link or more direction - I tried to find it (found their site on the wayback machine but couldn’t find any LDS apostles). I’d love to check it out.

Me too. This is also a professional interest as I’ve dealt with being a creditor in a similar sounding case.

I think a general rule of thumb is that if you are doing something illegal or questionably legal. Less attention on you is better than more. The show did her in

Unless you subscribe to the Pippin defense of the closer your to danger the further you are from harm.

I doubt it. Perhaps those family members don’t distinguish between an apostle and other church leaders, or perhaps it was someone like Donald Rasband who went from the business world into his calling as an apostle. Even Gary Stevenson distanced himself from IKON Fitness. Anyway, it was probably a misunderstanding and not a lie. Or perhaps there’s an update to the policy and I’m wrong. :expressionless:

This policy was annunciated in 1996…

The First Presidency announced on 18 January that because of increasing Church growth, General Authorities are being asked to withdraw from positions they may hold on boards of directors of business corporations.

It is anticipated that there will be one exception. With reference to Church-owned corporations, most of these are now subsidiaries of Deseret Management Corporation, which is owned by the Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” Deseret Management Corporation will continue as a holding company with its board composed of representatives from the ranks of the General Authorities, the First Presidency said.

Slight clarification of previous statement. General Authorities, not Apostles. I thought they were basically the same thing. Does it show I haven’t been to church in over a decade?

Rocker, sending you a DM from the website that was scrubbed of the GA’s relationship. He was Chairman of the Board it turns out.

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