Triscuits: The question everyone has always asked


If they ever need to do a scientific/health study and are looking for someone that has consumed massive amounts of Cheez-Its over the course of several decades, I’m their man.


LOL! Yeah, you can sign me up for the Nacho Cheese Doritos study. I eat extraordinarily healthily, except for this one guilty pleasure.

Saw a thread somewhere else (can’t remember where) that mentioned this. At the time Triscuits were billed as ‘baked by electricity’ which at the time was a very modern thing. So the speculation is they are called Triscuit because of elec-TRI-city or TRIscuit.

It’s actually been confirmed by Triscuit that the Tri is for electricity

How can this be true? The snip above was a response directly from Nabisco the makers of Triscuits!

But it turns out that the information in the snip is…WRONG!