Trax to Ute Football games

I’m looking for some information/advice from people on the baord who have expereince taking TRAX to football games.

I no longer purchase a parking pass, as I live only a mile or so from the stadium and generally prefer to walk. However, I have an injured lumbar spine and and unable to walk that far until I have surgery to address some numbness that get’s much worse when walking very far.

I’ve been riding my bike to the stadium for previous games this season, but if the weather is bad , I won’t want to do so tomorrow.

My Question:

Since TRAX takes games tickets for payment for TRAX, I’m wondering if I could park my car somewhere like the OfficeMax on 9th East and 4th South, catch TRAX there to the stadium, and do the return trip after the game.

Anyone have experience doing something like this? And is it difficult to get onto TRAX that close to the stadium?

Thanks in advance for any info or suggestions anyone might have.

sorry about your back, I’d recommend going the other way. Park at the U hospital and take Trax down to the stadium (much less crowded). The U hospital parking is free and wide open on weekends. Thats my secret go to for hoops games


That’s probably a great suggestion as it would be radically less crowded in that direction, and each train goes end to end - very little waiting in either direction.

My only issue is getting across all that Foothill traffic going to the game, to get to the U Hospital.

We’ll try it, thanks for the suggestion.

Yea, I live in Davis County so its easier geographically for me to come East up South Temple and then on the North side of campus.


Go around the north side past Merrill Eng and you won’t have to worry about Foothill.


The last time I went by a month ago (after suggesting just that) Office Max has inumerable warning signs and zero cars in it’s lot.


Yes, I inquired a moment ago, and Office Max does not own the lot, but rather one of the high rises in the area does, and the owners boot cars parked in the lot and taking TRAX.

Its a problem on 4th. I got booted parking next to Jimmy John’s 5 years ago and the boot was on my car in minutes. When I complained to the college kid in the lot they were video taping my conversation. $80 ticket. Aparently it’s the owner of the parking lot, not the resturaunts and stores. What a racket.
FWIW, I just sent you a BM.


I know it’s too late for this game, but depending on when you go up, we’ve had great luck parking in the 400 block of 600 East - no time limit on street parking, and plenty available if you’re going to tailgate before the game. For a closer to gametime situation, I’m not sure if there’s still space available.