Travis under Ludwig

Wonder how could have been

It would all depend on how many sidearm throw plays Ludwig has in his book


But the kid wasn’t afraid to sacrifice himself for the cause. Had to learn a bunch of systems. Never got that second vision, check-down confidence that we are now seeing in Snoop.



I’m a Travis fan. I don’t think he suffered from QB coaching as much as having WRs who couldn’t get open on PAC DBs. If he had a couple of really good WRs the narrative on him would have been different.
He was better than a lot of us give him credit for.


Travis Wilson is the highest rated QB recruit Utah has ever landed (Jack Tuttle doesn’t count) and he was good enough to start for four years. He gave everything he had physically and left us with some indelible memories (the USC drive anyone?).

The reason Ute fans don’t count him as one of the greats is because he didn’t seem to get much better through experience. College football fans expect players to get better every year and it just doesn’t happen for some kids. Consider all the factors: poor receiving corps, injuries, new OCs every year, bad O-lines.

I was delving into QBRs today (Total Quarterback Rating - College Football - ESPN) and Huntley is off the charts this year at 89.4. The next best Ute over the past 11 years is Travis Wilson in 2014 at 64.7 when Utah went 9-4 and blasted CSU in the Vegas Bowl. For reference, even Brian Johnson’s best year was lower than Wilson’s. Alex Smith’s was better.

Personally, I don’t think Travis would ever have been great (he couldn’t find secondary targets and his accuracy wasn’t top-notch) but he would have been a lot better if he had consistent coaching, good receivers and better mechanics.


I was poking a little fun at something we all used to moan about. For the record, I am a huge Travis fan - I think that kid had tons of grit

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Tons of grit, well like and respected by teammates, and all-Utah. I can’t hate on that.