Transfer Rule benefits the Powerful?

Not trying to pump Saban stuff but I disagree with his statement.

I think this levels the playing field.

As the rule currently stands I don’t think it will create too much change in the power structure of Div. 1. The power teams may only need 1 or 2 upgrades per year and this will be a quick and easy way for that to happen. This will only entrench them further. Transfers out of power schools will help many programs - Utah is a prime example this year - but those transfers will never be sufficient to change the balance of power. If the rule is modified to allow schools that lose transfers to increase the number of initials to account for those losses, all bets are off.

So will it be open season for coaches to contact players on other teams? Will Mark Pope be texting great players on other teams every day (tbh he probably already does that)?

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I agree. Sure, if say Ohio State loses a ton of WR talent or say something tragic like what happened with the Utes RB happens you may see a guy transfer. I don’t think this is a bad rule. Will coaches take advantage of it, of course. That said, more freedom of movement is always a better system.