Transfer portal is for losers

Seriously, it’s full of players who lost their job. Why some thought Bentley or Risen would take us to the promised land is a joke. Both Texas and S. Carolina told us that these players aren’t good enough… yet we double down on players proven to not be good enough. Utah is too good of a program to be slumming for transfer portal Qb’s.

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Yeah, okay.


Can’t get with you on this take.

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What I see in the portal at this moment is same thing we picked up last year. Bruised fruit.
Cannot get in the habit of relying on others cast offs… not a QB

Like this transfer loser?


Yeah, those chumps at Oklahoma sure wish they could go back and reject Kyler Murray.


what is this…1989 or so?
Look, if Utah is looking to fix it’s “throw game” with the transfer portal, we’ve already lost.
And no, we will not be getting elite Qb’s via this method. The very very few elite transfer Qb’s will got to a select 5-7 blue blood schools to compete for a national championship.

Oklahoma got Kyler, Baker and Jalen but do you.


On a positive note. Utah appears to have fixed the LB problem ( time will tell). They shouldn’t be spinning the wheel in the transfer portal for a serviceable LB for a long time.

Now, if Kwhitt can get laser focused on QB, OL and WR recruiting, we might have the home grown building blocks to actually smell the roses some day

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Did you get kicked off Utehub or something?


Like recruiting, the transfer portal is a mixed bag. I do think relying on the portal for QB is probably (at least for Utah) NOT the way forward. That being said Utah needs to recruit and develop QBs and wr at a much higher level.

Yea. never got a reason why. I would have preferred closer. Trying to pick up the pieces and make sense of this strange world.

I’ll say this. the state of Utah has enough OL talent ( that we lose to OR) to make a great landing spot for a legit QB. Utes need to focus on 4* OT’s


And hurts

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If this is Ann Arbor Ute, then yes he did. His antics got cuh-razy at the end there.


Also, Justin Fields was a transfer portal kid.

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WSU is not a blue blood and had done more than we have with transfers. It can be done. We don’t know but Rising could be awesome when healthy.

Do you know why Bentley lost his job at SC?

Ben Lennon enters the transfer portal.

You could see that coming after he didn’t get the call last weekend in favor of March, who did well.