Tonight's NIT Bubble skirmish vs. the Huskies of UW

I’d love to see the home town red have less than 12 turnovers tonight.

Lets go Utes!

7 turnovers already including 3 travel calls, but Utes up 20 - 18

I’m not sure this is the game Dr. Naismith envisioned, but Utes up 37 to 33 at half. Madsen hit 3 threes

LOL 15 turnovers on Utah, fortunately Utes up 9

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Ugh, down 6 with 4 to play

I think we ended with 19 TOs. That was the game. Blown 14 point lead by closing out 18 to 38. Ugh. This really was winnable.

One thing the Utes HAD been doing well was limiting turnovers, but have had 54 in the last 3 games.

We were about a 10 point favorite last night too.

At least Mahorcic is back.

When I see lots of turnovers over an extended period, I immediately wonder if we have a quickness problem. It’s a semi-rational visceral reaction on my part–the result of my being a long-time fan of a mid-major that struggles to recruit superior athletes.

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2 turning points in 2nd half were Washington going to man defense—and then aggressively doubling Carlson down low when Utes forced the ball to him.
And the Utes for some reason trying to play a zone defense. It didn’t work in the Rose Bowl & it didn’t work in basketball either. It lead to a quick corner 3, & then an wide open drive along the baseline. Fans were yelling watch the corner three before it happened—it was so obvious it was wide open.
A smart move is Smith is starting to give more minutes to freshmen Lazar & Madsen. Build for the future. And I hope they have someone out recruiting—working the AAU circuit hard, as they need talent at all positions.

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