To Those of You That Have Been Around Guardsman Since 2005, I Have an Announcement

Newbomb, Wendy, Jed, Jeff, Welby, Ed, Cap’n, Loyter, LTU, all of you that I’m thinking of but not naming at the moment, all of you are all about to become Aunts and Uncles. Uncle Newbomb has a really cool sound to it.

Yes, the same Lindsey that many of you met at 12 years old in 2004. The same Lindsey that cried when we went to games earlier that year because she had to stay with our friend while we went to the games, then finally decided to come to one of the last games of the year. Yes, the UNLV game that featured horizontal rain? The one where everyone got soaked? Yeah, that one. And she was hooked. And then Lindsey was the one that started planning tailgating as the Shasta became the Shasta? All of the time doing none of the work. That’s a common thread. But I digress.

Those of you that were there remember. She was the girl that was raised by Cris and me but at the same time, she was raised by everyone in the Guardsman Lot. Bob, Randy took her under their wing. Wendy had some sweats when - should we say - her stomach was upset. Uncle Welby when she decided to ride to Provo in 2009 on Porky instead of us? Well, we won’t talk about that one…

So that somewhat awkward, gangly girl grew up, earned an MBA, married a good, hard-working guy who is a pretty cool (as much as it somewhat pains me to say that) and is now ready to welcome a new little girl into the family. No, Titan their dog isn’t getting another dog. Lindsey is expecting and is due somewhere in late October.

And here we are. All of you have earned your Aunt & Uncle title! Thanks to everyone for the last 17 years. To paraphrase Jerry Garcia, What a strange and wonderful ride the Guardsman lot has been.

Congratulations Grandpa!!!
Wow time has flown