To the Fans who traveled

…spent time, money and heartache to support the Utes in near record numbers, supported the LA community and served as ambassadors of the University of Utah.
Be well, and travel safe back home


Travel home safe folks.

Thank you for being able to spend the money and take the time to be there for the kids. I am sure the players and coaches enjoyed seeing the sea of Crimson and all the cheers and support you gave. We didn’t win but it certainly can be said it wasn’t from a lack of trying on anyone’s part.

The next season will be here before we know it; and the Spring Game will be here even sooner than that. This is going to be a special group for the next several years. Here’s to their future success.




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I think @SkinyUte deserves the prize for unmatched determination in getting to the game.


Heh, thanks man.

It actually gets better. About 8:00 last night, I got a notice that Delta cancelled our return flight to Vegas this morning. So we had to book yet another last minute Southwest flight to get back from Burbank to Vegas today. So we can get the car to a repair shop. So we can hopefully drive home tomorrow.

I am really not looking forward to seeing the credit card bill from this trip.

Side note: I tried calling Delta last night to ask about options after the cancelled flight. The hold time was…10 hours, 19 minutes. :joy:


Damn @SkinyUte, your trip was a hell of an adventure. Hope you get home safe.

Yours is a lesson in devotion to duty with love and affection.


You showed amazing perseverance.

I have to apologize, however. If I had made the trip, this would have happened to me and you would have been in the clear.


Had a similar experience. Tuesday night, when it became obvious that Cris was too ill to travel, I called Delta at 11:25 pm. Hold time 6 hours 55 minutes. Good news. Chat hold was “only” 4 hours. Finally got a chat agent who said he had to transfer me to ticketing. Hold time for chat: 9 hours 15 minutes. Finally at 6:30 am my call rang to an agent. Only to disconnect.


Holy crap, 10hr hold? You’ve definitely had an adventure over the last several days. Hopefully they’ll become great memories.

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For the record, I did not stay on the 10 hour hold.

Our Delta flight was booked using FF miles. I’ll just miss the flight and try another day to fight with Delta about getting those miles back. If not, it wasn’t a ton (7,500 each), so I’ll just chalk it up as “adventure expense”.


Those of us who were on Delta flight 696, which was postponed for 18 hours (and ruined any plans the passengers had for Friday) got a nice e-mail from Delta apologizing, and depositing 10,000 miles in our Skymiles account. Nice gesture.

There was one bright spot in our Delta experience. We originally had a midday flight Thursday. They moved us to 9:25 p.m. Then to 10:14 p.m. Then to 12:30 a.m. When at midnight they postponed that later flight, they kept our bags. That was OK, except my wife developed a back problem after we got home at 1:00 a.m. and could not join us the next day. My daughter decided to stay home with her. They both insisted that we keep trying to get to the game. So my sons and I left on the Friday flight, which was set at 11:49, then moved to 2:03 p.m. and finally left at 3:40.

While we waited for that flight I spoke to the fate agent, who was very attentive and kind (a bright spot in the experience) and tried to get Delta to pull my wife’s and daughter’s bags from that flight. But it was too late. Both women needed things that were in their bags So when we got to L.A. we pulled the bags from the belt and took them to Baggage Services to see about getting them sent back to SLC. We were given the runaround for two more hours, Finally, when we were about to give up and find a different way to get the bags back to my wife and daughter—on New Year’s Eve!—a Delta employee who had tried to help us earlier saw us leaving. She stopped us and got involved again. She new exactly what to do, and got someone to take her assignment while she personally walked us around to various other Delta employees—all of whom clearly knew and respected her—and made sure they got the job done. My wife and daughter got their bag the next morning. I got that woman’s name and I am going to write a letter to Delta management about her.

In short, the trip was nightmarish (although nothing like the @SkinyUte ordeal) but the kind and effective service that woman gave us put a bright spot at the end of it.

Still…for the next Rose Bowl we are driving!


Some of y’all wouldn’t have lasted on the Oregon Trail.


I already died of dysentery.


I was going to take Delta out of Reagan National Airport, but switched to JetBlue. According to this flight aware chart (you can sort charts by clicking on headers), Delta has cancelled 9% of their flights today and JetBlue has cancelled 16%. It seems the ones getting cancelled are the routes that are shorter and likely less profitable. Since I am crossing the country, my flights have not been as affected and their might be more profit.

Just guessing.


Yeah…watching 1883 on my HBO streaming app. It’s a miracle any of my wife’s pioneer families actually made it to SLC. (Yes we are talking real pioneers, not my family who moved from SoCal in the 1960’s).

Still better than the folks in Berkeley several years ago losing their minds when the Farmer’s Market was closed for due to a political protest on campus. A couple of right wing guest speakers came to speak on campus and the space was reserve for a free speech space so folks could protest.

Those poor souls had to go buy their greens at Whole Foods for that day with the “common folk.”

Nevermind I am still trying to figure out who the “common folk” are in Berkeley.

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As I mentioned earlier, this was the flight my wife’s lost bag ended up on (we arrived Wednesday). On top of all the delays, we were advised of serious issues with their third party lost bag delivery service… so we decided to go to LAX ourselves to pick it up. Commiserated with a couple 696 passengers at the carousel… but all were incredibly grateful to have made it. Oh and I did see a guy from that flight wearing a UFN shirt.

Oh buddy. The fact Monsieur Marcel didn’t open till 11am and I had to go to Pann’s proved my family would not make it. Rough times we didn’t get a good French breakfast this morning. Nice photo on the way in:

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Probably me. I had a white one on. You should have come over and said hello!

Did you see all those bags piled against the wall next to Baggage Services? Glad you got your wife’s bag back.