Timmy Allen will be different this year

Interesting article about Timmy. He was one of my favorite players last year, and apparently this year he is going to be a bit more of a 2-3 instead of a slightly undersized 3. At least we have something to look forward to watching this season.

This is exactly what I was hoping to see out of Timmy this off season. For all his skill and potential on display last year, I always looked at him and thought, “Just wait until he grows into a chiseled body.” He looked like he had baby fat for lack of a better description. I look forward to seeing the difference it makes.


He’s the player I’m most excited about this season. Last year, even though he was a freshman, he was quite often out there talking to and coaching his teammates. Now with Tillman and Johnson leaving early, Timmy could very probably be our team leader on the floor. (Much as KVH was when he was a sophomore.)

He’s going to have to be, we’ve got one senior and one junior, neither of which are expected to contribute much on the floor.

Our JUCO (I know nothing about him) could be a pleasant surprise, but Timmy should easily be our greatest asset among the returning players.

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I have zero expectations for this season. So… nowhere to go but up. At a minimum I can just continue to be disappointed that we languish as a once great basketball program that experiences a lot of turnover.


Havent we heard this phrase, “the Utes intending to run more in 2019-20” every year now for the past 6 or 7 years? When are we actually going to see an up tempo attack?

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Alphonso Plummer. Led JUCO in three pointers made. 129 and 46%. He’s undersized and had to prove himself in JUCO. He’s now a proven scorer just hope that translates to Div1.

If Utah allows endorsement deals, then fresh talent can be attracted by the promise of Zion’s Bank and Cream-o-Weber commercials. Can’t wait.