Timmy Allen is coming back

From the NBA draft and coming back to Utah.


Oh joy! I wish tanking was a thing in CBB

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The wording gave me a heart attack.

At the same time, why should I care anyway?

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Because we remember the good times. And dammit we want it back!!! That said, I would trade like 15 straight losing seasons for one Football Championship.

Also sorry for the heart attack. It may have been deliberate on my part to troll people like me that expect nothing but bad news in the basketball offseason.



YOU suck. :wink:

Glad this is good news, but thanks for the 5 second pit in my stomach.


you got me… I was swearing in anger and frustration thinking it was true and wondering why, as I was clicking the thread - nice :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.

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Nothing I’m the headline was untrue. Misleading due to expectations? Sure. But not false.

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The title of this thread was just cruel, but happy Timmy is staying

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I saw an opportunity and I ran with it. Please forgive me.


Great news!

All signs pointed to this, but its still really good to hear it from the source. Now…I just hope people social distance and wear their masks so we can have a season!

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That was a good troll move. Had me, and obviously others upset. Took me a moment to read the entire title and your 1st line together. Well played, my friend, well played.


So, now that Timmy is officially coming back, here is my projected Utah 2020-2021 men’s basketball depth chart:

PG: Rylan Jones (sophomore), Jaxon Brenchley (sophomore), Mason Falslev (freshman/mission)
SG: Ian Martinez (freshman), Alfonso Plummer (senior), Pelle Larsson (freshman)
SF: Timmy Allen (junior), Brendan Wenzel (freshman), Jordan Kellier (sophomore)
PF: Mikael Jantunen (sophomore), Riley Battin (junior), Timmy Allen (junior)
C: Branden Carlson (sophomore), Lahat Thione (sophomore), Mikael Jantunen (sophomore)

With what Utah has returning coupled with what they have coming in (namely, uber-talented freshman Ian Martinez), Utah is looking like a really, really good team this season if they can stay healthy. They look like a potential NCAA Tournament team on paper, especially with the resume-building games they have scheduled in non-conference play.


I respect your optimism. Plummer really seemed to be on a roll at the end of last season. Wonder what his role on the team will be this next.

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Why on earth would you peg brenchley as the backup pg? He is not a PG by any stretch… did you watch the team play last year? It’s far more likely that Martinez spells Jones for the few minutes he isn’t on the floor.

PG: Jones for 38 minutes a game, and Martinez or faldlev for the other 1-2.

SG: Plummer/Martinez/Larsson/brenchley

SF: Allen/larsson/brenchley

PF: Allen/jantunen/Battin (not sure where Allen will start though I would prefer that he and jantunen start together)

C: Carlson (for as long as it takes to get into foul trouble, then thioune).

If Battin doesn’t pull his head out of his ass we will have next to nothing in terms of outside shooting unless Martinez shows up ready to play day 1.

Be prepared for ■■■■■■ offense with spurts of great offensive basketball again guys.

We have Plummer, Jones, and Battin that have proven the ability to shoot from outside in game. Battin forgot that shooting was a thing that people do in the game of basketball last year. Jones is waaaaay too small and slow to get his own shot off in a must shoot type situation.

Brenchley was allegedly the best shooter on the team last year, if he can show that this year that will go a long way toward opening things up for Jones and Allen offensively.

Carlson also showed potential as an outside shooting threat.

If Martinez can shoot under the not do bright lights of average-ish college ball we could be better than average finally.

If anyone is hoping that larsson is going to shoot threes just do yourself a favor and stop now. If he plays at all he will not be shooting many threes when given the option.

If none of the above things happen, we will suck nutsack again this coming season.

Side note: I really hope Larry took a much larger pay cut than Kyle… it would almost be worth canceling the mbb season for a year just so I don’t ever have to see that guy coaching again.

operaman86, Im pretty close to you in terms of projections…I think that we will see Pelle at point at times. Competition at the 2 and 3 will be fierce.

The frontcourt is why im so frustrated at the loss of caleb lohner. We gotta use that 13th scholarship on someone. Hopefully, there is a flurry here in a few weeks at the draft deadline.

So is falslev going to on the team, this year now? Is that the last scholarship?