Time for the silly season in the football world

In this case it’s the college football world.

In an extremely early bowl projection, these guys have our Utes going back to the Rose Bowl vs Michigan. Personally, I think I could live with that quite easily.

Other bowls of interest, USC going to the Alamo, Washington to Las Vegas. I’ll let you guys go digging into the rest of the PAC. I just find it interesting that these guys are predicting Rose for our Utes. Glad to see that we’re still getting respect. It will be interesting to see how much this carries over into the preseason polls and projections as we get closer to CFB again.

2022 College Football Bowl Projections: Brett McMurphy’s Never-Too-Early Predictions with Projected Spreads (actionnetwork.com)

Alamo Bowl sounds about right and I’ve never been to San Antonio.


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Is it time for Spring Ball yet?

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McMurphy must have somehow received his betting line prediction through inspiration from Tom Barberi… who I’m sure would remind us all that these are heady times for Utah Football.