Tickets, ticketmaster, and iphone wallet


For board iphone users: is anyone having luck getting tickets into their iphone wallet?

I just cannot get that to work. When I click on the “add to wallet” message in a browser (safari), nothing happens. I even installed the ticketmaster app, and it wont show my ticket (there is nothing under “my events”.

I am scared that my phone will freak out and lose network access in the crowd of thousands at the gate. Has anyone dealt with tickemaster e-tickets before, and will it work in a crowd via a web-browser?


I can’t speak to this specific issue, but if it is generating a QR code on the site or the app and you are worried about internet access, just screen cap the QR code and that should take care of you even if you don’t have internet access.

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I know this is late for this particular instance, but I thought I’d comment for future reference. I could not get my FIL’s tickets in his Apple Wallet no matter what I tried. He was not even getting the button on the website to be able to add them into his wallet. Both my MIL and FIL are not technically savvy at all. She was furious and after I couldn’t figure it out she went up to the ticket office and demanded they print them out for her. Surprisingly they did, but it seems the ticket office needs to make this way easier on people.

We had the same problem of being able to see the button on the website and when we turned the phone landscape you could see it.

There’s an app coming, the U is actually developing it in house. They hope to have it ready in the next month or two.

Worked like a charm for me, and also the transfer to the guy I had to sell them to when I couldn’t go was smooth. I was actually impressed.

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The ticket office told me they would print out tickets for anyone. So, not surprising. I went up there a couple of weeks ago and had mine printed.

Having printed tickets is just way easier for me. If I give one away, it’s usually in the tailgate lot when a “hanger-on” is looking for a ticket. It’s just easier to hand them a ticket than to through all the malarkey with phones

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Yeah the impression I got was that they did it kind of begrudgingly and made a comment that they would probably not do it next year.

Interesting. I don’t remember if I tried that. I wish that would have been mentioned in the information that was provided.

I think it is a glitch, or poor design. It may show just fine on larger iPhone screens, I have a smaller screen than the max ones.

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I have a 3 1/2 year old iPhone and it’s not the large screen version. I think it’s an iPhone 8.