Thousands of Migrant Workers Enslaved and Dead so Soccer Fans Can Travel To Amazing Stadiums for a Game

Revealed: 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar as it gears up for World Cup | Global development | The Guardian

Qatar seems like a nation we should maybe not do business with.


My hunch is that the same thing happens when the Olympics are awarded to certain places. I’m not saying it happens at all the Olympic cities but probably in some.

Another sad thing is once those stadiums are used for a month, they won’t be of much use (not like whatever pro soccer leagues they have in that country are going to fill those seats) US should have had that tourney and would have used existing venues.

There was some similar chicanery involved in Utah getting the Olympics here in 2002, but at least the venues are still in regular use.


A few hookers and some blow in the lead up to the SLC games got more negative attention than all the dead and enslaved workers in Qatar.

Shame on FIFA and soccer in general.


Indeed very immoral what has gone on in Qatar and FIFA is turning a blind eye to the issue.

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What do you expect from a sport where players use their heads to guide the ball instead of their hands? Soccer spits in the face of billions of years of evolution and is suitable only for creatures without opposable thumbs.

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There’s not much of a market for cows playing soccer.

I’ve seen mules on a softball diamond. Cows can be on the pitch.

I mean, I would watch that.

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I can remember watching donkey basketball.

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