Thoughts on last night’s game (byu perspective)

First off, I was glad to see that most of the chippyness, that seemed to stem from Whit’s and bronco’s hatred for one another, is mostly gone. It was a clean game aside from some byu late hits.

I hope the games in the future are equally respectful and clean.

My first game thought is that was a weird game from the Utah side. They are usually so amped up for this game and play with high intensity. From my perspective, they seemed flat all night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in the byu game since Whit has been coach.

Bernard is a beast and continues the Utah tradition of dominate running backs.

Wasn’t very impressed with your qb. Something about whit teams seem to pull qb’s down but that’s about the only thing negative I’ll say about coach whit. Winningest coach in Utah history and the dude has done well. I thought his post game was classy last night

Game was fairly clean. I thought the first late hit was a mistake where the tackler didn’t realize it was out of bounds rather than a cheap shot. The second one hitting Brewer just as he stepped out was marginal and likely isn’t called if it was against a running back. Sitake is building a much cleaner program than under Bronco which is refreshing.

Congrats to the Cougar fans who I know will enjoy this one for a long time. I was around when Utah lost 9 in a row and can appreciate what last night meant to your fanbase.


Welcome to UF.N.

Yeah, our Utes seemed flat. No clue why, but it happens to every team eventually. Too bad it was last nite. But hey, your boys played a helluva game. Your team forced my Utes into mistakes, and you took advantage of them. It’s been reversed in the past.

I was glad to see that the game was, mostly clean. I can only think of one egregious play by Pili when Brewer was out of bounds. You mentioned this one, so it was bothersome to you too.

Yeah, Bernard looked good, too bad my Utes couldn’t follow up on that. Oh well, it’s over. I hope that last nite’s game isn’t indicative of Utah the rest of the season and is a one off game.