Those magnificent Beavers!

Whether he gets charged is a question, but Dan Lanning has all the evidence he needs to suspend the kid indefinitely for going full knucklehead.


The Duck player is a senior BTW

In honor of this Oregon tradition, they are renaming this a “ducker” punch.


It’s because it eliminated the possibility for Washington to win any tiebreakers, which they would have had to do because they could have only had finished tied with Oregon for 2nd place. Once UCLA won, it eliminated the opportunity for Washington to win a tiebreaker over us because they could have only done it via 2-team tiebreaker, as Oregon would have been eliminated earlier via their loss to 5th place Oregon State (who both Utah and Washington beat to the lay person). UCLA’s win over Cal made it so UCLA and Oregon State finished TIED for 5th place, so Oregon, Washington, and Utah’s GROUP record against said two 5th place teams was now EQUAL @ 1-1 instead of Oregon being 0-1 against the 5th place team (both of Utah and Washington beat Oregon State but lost to UCLA while Oregon beat UCLA but lost to Oregon State to the lay person). And once we won, it eliminated them from being able to win a 2-team tiebreaker over Oregon, which they would have had we lost because they beat the Ducks in Eugene. The only way Washington could have won the 3-team tiebreaker is if UCLA lost. Once the Bruins won on Friday, Washington needed us to lose to Colorado or they were eliminated. Once we beat the Buffs, it was over for the Huskies. Oregon’s only chance once they lost to Oregon State was for Washington State to beat Washington, as that would have made Washington 6-3 in conference and thus not tied for 2nd place. If that would have happened, it would have been ONLY Utah and Oregon tied for 2nd @ 7-2, and the Ducks would have gone to the championship game via winning the head-to-head tiebreaker over us (because they beat us head-to-head to the lay person). But once Washington won, it created the 3-team tie for 2nd place, and the UCLA win over Cal created the set of circumstances we needed to emerge victorious via the multi-team tiebreaker (superior conference strength of schedule, thanks to Utah playing 11-1 (8-1) USC while both of Oregon and Washington played 4-8 (2-7) Cal). Ergo, us earning 2nd place and a date with USC in Las Vegas for the Championship Friday night.


Thank you. Wow! That took a lot of work.

Might be that the individual he struck had done something foolish or disrespectful before that, but appears he was walking away with his back to the player who hit him from behind.

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At least he didn’t hit the guy in the knee with a pipe. :wink:


Didnt get “Gilloolied” !


And all that is why I couldn’t remember exactly why :grinning: