This year's Runnin' Utes vs. the team they were last year

Bill Riley says 20 wins will get Utah in? Im not so sure. Im thinking 22. Utah has 14 wins already with 13 guaranteed games left.


Probably depends on which of the remaining scheduled teams those come from, and how they get them.


If Utah goes 6-6 the rest of conference play and then loses its first conference tournament game, I wouldn’t feel too confident. I think Utah needs to go at least 7-5 the rest of conference play and win at least one tournament game.


Wazzu knocked off UA in Pullman so this next game will be tough. Both games will be.

Deivon is really taking the reigns, he’s got a lot of dawg in him, with the athleticism to back it up on the court. His video from HS and MSU and GA Tech look similar. Hyper focused, relentless aggression, doesn’t waste time on complaining. Just dialed in.

A split would be huge.


Not surprising: Utah’s Deivon Smith Nabs Pac-12 Player Of The Week Honors - Sports Illustrated Utah Utes News, Analysis and More

(Bonus = Sports Illustrated not dead yet!)


Utah has to show they can sometimes win on the road. Only true road win was back when we beat St. Mary’s. Sure our opponents play stronger behind the energy of a friendly boisterous crowed, but good visiting teams overcome that.

“Oh shut up, you’ll be dead at any moment now.” :wink:


I feel happy!


So I come back to a thread I started and see someone has changed the heading on the thread. How and why does that happen?

I stand by my original post.

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We don’t like you. Scram!

You may not like me, but my post was spot on. The current plan for the Ute basketball program is not working. There are so many aspects of this problem to discuss and look at. Top to bottom.


Sometimes threads evolve, and that gets reflected in their titles. No single user “owns” a thread… if anything, they own their posts. And as long as posts are in line with forum rules, I don’t think they ever get removed or edited… if that’s what you’re worried about.

Hell, some people just lurk in the shadows and only come on here when the Utes lose so they can gloat (or complain). Those posts are welcome too!