This story is so bizarre and seems headed to a tragic end

its got a little bit of everything, cult, murder kidnapping?

This reads like some sort of weird novel. But then again life can be stranger than fiction. In this case life sure seems to be stranger than fiction. It can be hard to follow the picture. Perhaps from a distance this can be easier to see.


Good grief!

Imagine this…

Being 58 years old and becoming a father…to twins!


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You’re right life can be stranger than fiction. I believe it is because some people can behave so senselessly that a novelist would never write them as a character. If this were written up as a novel could any of us relate to the irrational behavior brought on by bizarre cult beliefs? I doubt it.

The whole thing made me remember the Elizabeth Smart case. Who (besides the writers of criminal minds) would have thought up someone as weird as Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee?? A publisher would give the manuscript back to he author and say the characters are not believable and" why the hell did you add the dad comes out as gay in the end?".


It appears the mother is part of some last-days, almost doomsday cult? Those seem to pop up every generation. I get that most Americans have that sort of thing in the back of their minds because of Revelation in the New Testament, but why is that still a thing? 2,000 years later and we’re still being told it will happen “any day now, much sooner than you think”.

Yeah, not happening.


This always cracks me up:

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Another bizarre story. Another tragic ending.

Something tells me, in a similar fashion to another case like this, they are going to find the boy dead in the Florida swamp where he allegedly went to hide.