This one is a little near and dear to my heart

Sadly, living here in NC I don’t get to see the Utah Cycling team ever. Well, not ever, but close to never.

I like working with the college cycling clubs and teams. The young men and women work as hard as the programs that get more money from their schools. Many of the athletes pay their own way through school, to train, and race their bikes. As a club sport I don’t know how much the school, the U of U in particular, gives the club. There are some programs that are varsity sports, and therefore get more dollars for the athlete.

Well, anyway, feel free to follow the Utah cycling team on IG. They don’t do much on FB, and what was the website has issues. So, follow them on IG.

Here’s a link to see some of their exploits.

U of U Cycling Club (@uofucycling) • Instagram photos and videos

These folks are part of University community and deserve our support as much as football, BBall (men’s and women’s), gymnastics, or any of the larger sports programs.

I was on the Utah Cycling Club when I attended school between 2000-2002. We had some fun times. We’d get together for group rides as much as we could and we mostly competed in local Utah races back then. There weren’t many collegiate races out there, and the ones that did exist we really couldn’t afford to attend. We didn’t get any money from the school, and weren’t even allowed to use any of the official Utah logos on our jerseys or other gear. We had to put in the work to get our own sponsors, which were pretty limited other than one local bike shop.

I’m still thankful for the deals we got at Golson Cycles. This was back when they were still in Holladay and before they moved out to South Jordan. They were my go to shop even after my club days until they moved away. Sadly I just looked them up and it seems they are no longer in business. I hope the club gets more support these days than we did. The way NICA has grown in Utah it would be great to see those kids continue riding well beyond high school.

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Back in the late 1980’s there used a Utah Cycling/Pub Crawl where a group of cyclists would go out once a week and ride around to a riding loop of bars.

Yeah, we were kinda degenerates. :wink:


My freshman year, the D2 college soccer team I played for (not Utah, obviously) printed up t-shirts that said “A drinking team with a soccer problem”.

So I can relate. :laughing: