This may be a mixed feeling moment, but it is nearly 4,000 days

Since our old timey rival defeated the U. I don’t care how good they are this year, or how bad they killed the tater tots.


I remember watching that game by myself at Twilite Lounge because I had a feeling we may lose and I didn’t want to get cross with anyone I knew. I don’t think that bar sees many passionate sports fans.

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Happy it was Friday, tired of election coverage, bummed about the Utes not playing today… I admit I watched some of BYU’s game at Boise.

Either BYU is on the cusp of an invitation to the NFL, or Boise isn’t that good and has serious depth problems.

BYU’s lines look good, but I think ours matchup nicely, overall.

Allgeier is a nice back, but there’s no way he rumbles for 86 yards against our DBs even if the front 7 get sucked into creating the parting of the Red Sea.

Wilson looks really good, but the TD to TE Rex where he kind of stumbled into the end zone after running backwards and never got touched…yeah Boise has ample reason to be embarrassed.

On the other side, I think BYU’s defense is “solid”, they’re definitely playing with a lot of emotion…but that HS QB wasn’t exactly a PAC QB, after “couldn’t stick in the PAC or even become the starter at Boise” QB Jack Sears went down.

In this throw away season, I still think our youngsters will get enough game snaps to be ready for playing at Provo next year.

The streak will be headed toward 4500 days going into May ‘22 when BYU starts up their annual national championship chatter.


Clearly, BYU is very good. The virus benefited them more than anyone could have ever dreamed. It’s hard to see them not making a NY6 bowl, which makes this one of their best seasons in history.

For a year in which they were supposed to go 6-6 - or 8-4 if the stars aligned - this is a total miracle for them.

Really, the secret was to go back to their roots and schedule down in a major way. They are winning by fifty and have a Heisman candidate again. It’s like the 80s have returned. If they ever schedule more than 1 P5 again, Holmoe should be run out of town.


No way around it. The BYU is good. Haven’t been tested to see if they’re great, but they’ll get that opportunity while our guys are home twiddling their thumbs.

At the very least most of their starters for next season are getting invaluable game time experience.

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Yeah, they will be good for at least a few years. This could be the kickstart they need. Hopefully not.

I still think if Wilson thinks he’ll be a fairly high draft pick he needs to enter the next draft. He looks good but a good secondary would end that. Last year’s Ute secondary would have made him look really average.
Byu’s secondary still has to play a soft zone since none of them can play man.
They look good but next year they would be average again.


They went soft because with all of the P5 teams going to conference only schedules, games against the lower teams were the only ones available. Doubtful they try to a non-P5 schedule down the road. Games against P5 teams are far more attractive then Sun Belt opponents.