This made me chuckle

This one made me chuckle in light of a discussion that was going on awhile back about truck stops and related.

I hope Utah is ready for some Kum & Go. Per KSTU Maverik purchased Kum & Go. Not sure which brand is expanding where, I don’t know if I really care. I just found the whole thing a bit amusing. Perhaps it has to do with my very sophomoric sense of humor.

I gave you an up vote for the admission of having a sophomoric sense of humor :slight_smile:

I never patronize Maverick, due to an experience with purchasing bad gas at one many years ago that cost me a BUNCH in terms of time and vehicle repairs.

The article refers to these franchises as best-in-class and convenience stores. I consider Maverick neither.


You may be conflating a gas station chain with some businesses in Wells, NV.


I was floored the first time I saw a Kum & Go store. It was like the time I went to this country backwoods themed chain place on the east coast. I forget the name… it’s like Cracker Barrel but worse, and they had cutesy hillbilly-like spellings on their menu. One of their signature dishes was “Kuntry Fride Steak” :roll_eyes:


Kum and Go sounds like a convenience store on Beavis and Butthead! BOIIIIIING !


Hence my sophomoric humor. Too much Beaver and Bunghole on MTV I suppose.

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I had a very prudish co worker tell me I was very sophomoric, when I told her thanks, she rolled her eyes and said that wasn’t meant to be a compliment. I smiled let out a little laugh and said I took it as one ! Too bad I didn’t have to fart in the moment :grin: