This is probably accurate

Whooostah Mass!

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I would say Lubbock, or El Paso are worse than Dallas in Texas. As for NC, the city just north of me has a crime rate worse than Chicago, and nearly on par with Baltimore. So, not sure I’d say Gastonia is the worst here.

Hard to imagine there is a worse place in NM than Espanola.

Provo is #1 at being the worst, for sure.

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Haven’t been there, but drove through Gallup and that would get my vote.


At least in the case of South Dakota, it’s not even close. If you’ve ever been to Mission, SD you’d know I’m right.

For Idaho, I might go with my birthplace of Kellogg as worse than Caldwell.

For Utah, as messed up as Provo is, compare it to some places like Scipio, Wellington, or Roosevelt.

Provo is the rectal orifice of the entire western US.

Ok, Laramie gives them a run for the money.

I was born in Caldwell, so that makes it the worst.

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There is a reason Lubbock rhymes with buttock.

I actually liked Worster, they cleaned it up a bunch.

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You want a bigger dung heap than Gallup? Go to Grants. I’m not really sure why Grants even exists.


It’s always gotten a bad rap. I have relatives there. Couple buddies went to school there. It’s just fine. I was just riffing on pronunciation.

I love how people from outside Massachusetts pronounce it “Werrchester”

At least Laramie has a university there.