This is just sad, a real dampener on a fun weekend

We’ve been through this 2x in the last 12 months. I just struck a small school in Western NC, Lenoir-Rhyne University.

Lenoir-Rhyne University linebacker Omari Alexander killed in Hickory, North Carolina (

Wonder if we have any wisdom to share? I plan on sending a note the team and school. I hope that we all can.

When you find an email address, let me know.

This is their head coach’s email.

Here’s a page from their athletics site talking about Omari Alexander.

LR Campus Community Mourns Unexpected Death of Omari Alexander - Lenoir-Rhyne University Athletics (

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Not again. My nose stings.

I understand. The story brought tears to my eyes. It’s rough seeing young people die so senselessly.

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Email sent. Hopefully some words of support from SLC will help, a little.


I got a response from Coach Jacobs, he’s appreciative of the support from SLC. I encourage everyone else to reach out, it can help a little in an horribly tragic circumstance. Maybe this school isn’t widely known, but the loss is the same.

Small world - Coach Jacobs went to HS with Jim Harding, so maybe there will be some kind of players to players support from our guys.

(It would be far better if these tragedies didn’t occur, but when adversity arises, how people react can be a positive, bring people together, which honors those we’ve lost.)

Do what you can, when you can.

Thanks @Carolina_Cycling_Ute for the idea & information.


I, too, heard back from Coach Jacobs. As @Ma-ake said, please support LR university as much as you can. We as a fanbase have gone through this same dilemma this season. I would pray that no one ever has to go through it again. But we can share our strength with Lenoir-Rhyne University.