This is how you get a recruit from Florida to come to Utah

Florida RB Jaylon Glover pulls a shocker, commits to Utah

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That family atmosphere has been touted as a strength by quite a few of the players and their families. That’s a real thing that many teams talk about but Utah seems to exemplify.


What great article. Thanks for posting it.

Loved this:

"And it was not just us talking ball. They wanted to know me. They wanted to know my family. Me and my parents have a great connection with the coaches and it is because of the consistency. They talked me a lot, they talked to my parents a lot and they really clicked with all of us.”

We’ve got to find a way to get our hands on this video:

“About two weeks ago I let coach McDonald know and he couldn’t believe it,” Glover said. “I gave him the silent commitment first. When I was on FaceTime with coach Whittingham about it, he started running around, screaming, and he even recorded the whole thing on the phone. He was so excited and it was a lot of fun.”

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