This is great


I don’t know what Rucker’s connection is with Donna, or if they simply connected because of the U’s honoring of her son, but it’s evident this connection is going to last.

Unrelated, I noticed Lauren McCluskey’s mother is now very prominent in a U affiliated effort to help educate and hopefully prevent that kind of tragedy. Positive, forward looking reaction to a horrible event. Truly commendable.

Live and learn and improve. I think our University has been genuine in wanting to make things better, facilitating meaningful change and connections that persist far beyond the scoreboard being turned off.


Jaedyn Rucker, Abby Paulson and Maile O’Keefe arrived on campus at the same time as Lowe. They became friends, especially Jaedyn.

I was sitting behind Donna Lowe and Tyler Knaak at the meet, the entire team came by to say hi to both of them before the meet began.

(Funny side note, the usher asked Morgan Scalley for his credentials when he tried to go onto the floor to escort Donna Lowe during the meet, someone quickly told her who he was)