This is absolutely insane!

Physics straight up broke right there.

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Starts tomorrow. Can’t wait. I watch/listen to golf in the background most Sundays as I’m not a big NFL guy. The Masters & The Ryders Cup are the tournaments I try to watch beginning to end.

My Heart picks: Tony Finau or Rickie Fowler
My head picks: Brooks Koepka or Dustin Johnson

I had the incredible opportunity to attend The Masters last year. It’s stunningly beautiful. The one thing that struck me was how hilly the course was. It looks relatively flat on TV, but it’s incredibly steep.

Like both Tony and Ricky, but Tony has problems closing the deal. 108th scoring average for round 3 and 118th for 4th round.

There are only two golfers - Tony because he went to West and whoever the guy is on the mortgage commercials because those ads are funny and they use a Bob Dylan song.

If one of those guys is in a position to win at the end, let me know. I’ll turn it on for that.

And, dang, that’s easily the greatest shot in the history of golf. Nothing else comes even remotely close. Jon Rahm should be more famous than Tiger forever just for that shot.

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Hope you put some money on that second choice.

i would say Dustin Johnson is having a good few days


Ryder Cup again this week. I may be one of the few, but if I was offered a ticket to The Ryder Cup or The Masters, I’m going to the RC all day long, and that’s saying something cuz I love The Masters. One of the worlds top five sporting events — at least in my house. Golf in front of football (or soccer) fans. Cannot be beat.

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I’ve been to both RC and The Masters. RC is a crazy, loud, wickedly pressurized experience. The Masters is supreme tradition and the ultimate individual accomplishment. It’s basically a pressured team experience vs a pressured individual experience. But the RC doesn’t have pimento cheese sandwiches, so that’s the difference for me.

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Pre game and gamesmanship begins today.

Honestly I feel just like one of the talking heads tjat basically said: on Monday and Tuesday I look at the bulls the Americans put on its team and think we can’t lose, but by Wednesday I observe the demeanor and unity of the Europeans and think, we can’t win.

This thing makes me as nervous as the Olympics or Utah football.

US up 3-1 after morning foursome. Fourball this afternoon.

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