This is a bit sad

Sinead was never my favorite artist, but there was no doubting her talent.

She died today, cause of her death was not released.

I do have to say one of her best known songs is a Prince cover:

I’m a bit saddened to see her gone.

It’s very sad. Likely suicide- she was reeling from her son’s suicide last year.
She was way ahead of the Catholic church child sexual abuse scandal. If she’d torn up the pope’s picture a decade later, it wouldn’t have impacted her career nearly as much. Great performer.


I saw the SNL event when she ripped up the Pope’s photo. I also saw her soon after in NYC for a celerity event when she was booed off the stage.
Coming from Boston, years before Spotlight, she was extremely brave and prescient: “honest to the point of recklessness.” Many artists have insight or intuition not always common or appreciated until later. That’s why we should always celebrate art, and the the things that make art.


There was some post I saw on social media saying she should be in the R&R HOF and I have to respectfully disagree. I like her music fine but there are countless other artists who belong in there far before she would ever even be considered, which she won’t.


I agree with you. She’s good, but not all time great good enough for the R&R HOF. I can think of several other bands and singers I’d put in before Sinead. That’s a discussion for another thread.

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Rough week for Gen X


I’m sad about Paul Reubens. He was so talented and kind of got a raw deal. I always thought he could have done so much more.


I agree, he could have done more. I think his misadventure at the theater may have cost him some of his career. It definitely killed his kid show.