This Defense is as fun to watch as the 2004 Offense

IMO, both are the best the UTES have ever had. Both were unstoppable. Both could stand up against any in the nation.

UCLA had like 5 straight games with 200+ rushing yards.

Utah held them to 50 (Less than our season average of 56 given up)

This front is ELITE


My favorite part about the 50 yards rushing is that four minutes into the game, after their first 10 plays, UCLA had 51 yards rushing. The next 56 minutes were a rushing disaster for them after that.

For the record, I am not sure I am a fan of counting sacks as negative rushing yards, but it is a pretty amazing feat nonetheless.


Agreed, although the 2008 defense was extremely special as well. Undersized for the most part, but scrappy. Greg Newman had no business playing defensive tackle, but man did he kick some ass. A lot of NFL guys on that roster…

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This offense is as fun to watch as the 2004 offense too! Kuithe was a beast out there.