Thinking about heading to the Arizona Game

Never been to a game in Tucson. Anyone been there and what was your experience?

I’m going. Already purchased tickets.

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Where did you buy your tickets and where are you sitting?

We went four years ago. We have a friend down there who’s a UA alum so we met up with them and had a great time, aside from Utah losing. We just bought tix thru their web site.

I do have to add that there was a really cute girl sitting right in front of me who stood up throughout most of the game and liked to dance a lot, too. I was wondering if I needed to tip her.

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I will be there as well. Haven’t been there in a long time. I am sure it is much different.

Went a couple of years ago totally unplanned. Got the tix through Vivid Seats. Got to sit at the 40 about 3 rows up. Tailgated at the bars - just like Wildcat fan does and walked to and from the game (my hotel was close to the school).

On the way down, I visited Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and Little Colorado River Canyon. On the day of the game, visited Saguaro National Park during the day before going to the game that night.

The only negative was my visit to the Grand Canyon, because my wife and I had a lot of fun and we spent extra time there, took extra time causing us to drive through Phoenix during rush hour. As a guy who used to drive in SoCal during rush hour, this was actually worse. Advice - avoid rush hour at all costs. We blew through Phoenix early enough on Saturday that we avoided the traffic going home.

It was a good roadie. I’m thinking about doing it again.

Tucson is overall a pretty nice place. Lot of different things to do. it is very spread out and depending on what you are looking for you may have a bit of a drive.

Downtown area - by the university, tons of restaurants and bars.

The foothills - many really nice resorts tucked up into the canyons, cycling, and relaxing. The resorts are really nice. We stayed at the Loews Ventana Canyon a few times - amazing golf, nice pool area and overall very relaxing.

Mt Lemmon: easy drive up to the top, there is food/bar and a ski resort. It is a really pretty drive and you go from desert to a forest. Many look-out stops along the way.

Planes, lots of planes. You can visit the PIMA air museum, miles and miles of planes just sitting there. Plus out by there is a great Thai restaurant.


Been to the dungeon many times. I call it that, because the stadium concourse reminds me of a medieval dungeon. That said, I always enjoy UofA games. Fans aren’t the friendliest, but they’re not the worst (more lukewarm than anything). There does tend to be a large contingent of rowdy, non-alum locals, as Tucson doesn’t have any major pro teams. They can be fun, and dangerous, depending on how close to kickoff it is.

Parking is non-existent, so if you’re driving you’ll likely have to pay $20 to park in some guy’s back yard. There isn’t really much to do near the stadium, but there will be a ton of scattered tailgating. Fourth Ave (their version of ASU’s Mill Ave) is a short drive if you want to have some post-game fun.

If you’re staying there for a day or two the biosphere is nearby, and Tombstone is relatively close.

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Never seen us play the Wildcats in Tucson, but attended our bowl games there against Wazzou (led by Drew Bledsoe) and Wisconsin (with Ron Dayne).

PIMA is really cool (they had the Air Force One that JFK used when we were there) but you do a lot of walking to see everything.

Sorry for the delay…my wife got them off of a website, I’ll need to check. One of the typical ticket outlets. We are near the 40 yard line on Utah’s bench side of field. We used to always get tickets from Utah, only the low corner seats made it hard for my wife to see and enjoy the game. So we now look for good seats nearer the center of the field, somewhere above the 14th row and below row 30.

Thanks, that’s what I did for the OSU game. We were at the 45 yard line in row 13. Would like to do the same for this game also. I do hate bleacher seats though. I was spoiled by Utah’s chair seating.

We were the couple just above you.

Sorry for the delay. The website is My wife said that if you go to the University of Utah football site, look at a game, hit tickets, this ticket website will come up. We’ll blame her is that info is incorrect. ;>)