There were hints along the way

To be honest, I’m not shocked about last night. We played a lot of bad or just average teams. We are very good and beating bad and average teams was natural. But against USC? Their athletes dominated ours. Washington? Close game.

Struggled to run at times against ASU and Colorado as well. Maybe we were the 2nd or 3rd best team in the league all along.

Our Oline killed our Dline. Our defense is what it is because of the offense finishing long drives. When that isn’t happening they get gashed. Oline wasn’t great and it cost us two games. I really think it’s that simple. And special teams were pretty average all year. I don’t know when we will have this many senior stars again, but this year was super fun to watch. I hope it creates momentum to compete for the south every year.

Andy Avalos is very familiar with the Utah offense and USC provided him with a great blueprint.

I thought maybe with Ludwig and a renewed Whittingham Utah would not play the same arrogant football when punched in the mouth. They did. The same smash mouth football with little adjustments. That strategy works 80% of the time. Chris Peterson is a great coach because he recognizes when he’s outmatched and randomly throws some wrinkles into the offense to keep the defense honest.

No sweeps, except for a couple Vickers wide sweeps, the slant wasn’t there, the deep fade was difficult in the weather, the play that worked best for Utah was the delayed pass to the flat which they ran twice, both with success.

Oregon was stacking the box and forcing Utah to pass. Made them very one dimensional. They should’ve utilized Moss more as a decoy but the OL was getting blasted and any play action was snuffed out quick.

Oregon has better athletes, no doubt, but Utah was still in there. They stop Verdell on 3rd and 1 and get the ball back with 7 minutes and a possible tie was in the works. But with Blackmon and Hubert out an inexperienced Sewell was out of place and Verdell ran right by him. Ballgame


I think this is a pretty good analysis. I couldn’t believe how single minded we were about running into the middle. I say into rather than up or through.

Honestly Huntley had time and his stats were good until the O line quit entirely. Sacks were not because he was holding the ball too long. This loss wasn’t on the QB. Our line play and offensive calls this game.

Guess it’s going to happen though now and then. No pac 12 team has gone undefeated in 9 years for a reason.

I was bothered that when it became apparent OU was collapsing the pocket quick that we didn’t draw up more plays for quick short passes to keep their D honest. The ABC announcers kept saying that Oregon didn’t respect our pass game and they were right (and that is crazy because Huntley has been lights out fantastic in his accuracy all season). OL struggled to make holes the entire game and the main success Moss had was running to the edge.

I always have to remind myself in games like this that the opponent had a major say in how bad we looked yesterday - so all credit to Oregon in this. Maybe they were taking away stuff we couldn’t see on the TV? That may very well be the possibility - Perhaps Ludwig saw they were doing well setting the edges, that they committed to containing the short pass and gave us the long pass knowing the DL would collapse the pocket? I have a hard time believing that Ludwig just suddenly decided not to be a great OC - which he absolute has been this year.

Those I were watching with also felt like Moss seemed a bit injured last night. Not the usual speed and shiftiness we’ve seen during the season. Is that possible?

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