There’s dumb, then there’s Washington Commanders marketing dumb

Commanders geographically challenged sales team

Hard to imagine how many people could have allowed this to happen. Then, again, back in the late 80s I worked with a guy who was happy to see the Redskins in the Super Bowl so someone from the west would be in it.

Someone from the west huh? Smart guy.

I saw this the other day and had to chuckle. Snyder makes Jerry Jones look like a smart owner. Jerry can make money, but damn he’s an idiot GM.

Snyder is just an idiot. Not even sure how he made his money.

Born and raised in Bountiful. U grad. It was depressing.


On a related note, there is a significant portion of this country’s adult populace that does not understand the difference between Washington DC and Washington state. And I’m talking people who were born, raised and educated here. :person_facepalming:

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Hey, leave my ‘Murica people alone. It’s a wonder any of them don’t drive to Miami thinking that is how you get to Texas…from Maine. :man_facepalming:


I used to fly Grand Canyon tours years ago, and I lost track of how many 'Muricans ,upon landing at the Grand Canyon airport, if they would be able to see the Presidents faces during their tour​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::flushed:


America’s Team.

I think it would be hilarious to do all 50 states.

A couple of years back the wife and I were in Arches NP on a trail and viewpoint and there was a surveying marker in the concrete. A guy and his buddy were proudly taking a video selfie on the marker proclaiming to be at Four Corners and simultaneously standing in four states. I pointed out to him that he was a couple of hundred miles away from Four Corners and all of the park was in Utah. I’m not sure he believed me.

It’s somewhat supportive of my theory that GPS devices have made it so many people don’t actually know where they are, only where the GPS is telling them to go. Back in the days of reading maps that was less of a problem.


Maybe I’m in the minority, but I like paper maps. Then again I think globes of the world are cool. I’m not a huge fan of GPS devices. Don’t get me wrong, they’re useful, especially when you’re new to a place, but most don’t really give you a feel of your surroundings like a “real” map does.


I’m a fan of GPS when I am not familiar with where I’m driving, especially in Europe. A cathartic moment occurred in my marriage in 2007 when we were in the Lyon, France area and had rented a car without a navigation system. We intended to go north of the city to some wineries, but following the map led us to a long, underground tunnel under the river and good chunk of the city. When we came back into the daylight, we had no clue where we were. When you’re on a freeway with a French map trying to match up French town names when neither of you speak French, it’s an issue. At that point we pledged to always do a walk-through of where and how we were trying to get somewhere to improve our odds. And now we always have a navigation system in the rentals. They’re not foolproof either, as our “destination” we arrived to last year that was a goat path proved, but we aren’t as tense.

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Isn’t it true that four corners isn’t actually on four corners? I feel like I heard that when I visited.

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Apparently it is in the right place.
4 Corners Location

I do know the Golden Spike Monument location is a best guess from the photos. In fact, ahead of the 1969 centennial of the driving of the Golden Spike, the government hired Thiokol to move it a little because of where they wanted to put the visitors center.


I have found GPS is awesome when you are in an emergency and need help. Have a friend who served with Utah Search and Rescue 1 who wishes more people carried them for the times they get lost, there is no cell service, but there is emergency radio service. It reduces the amount of time finding these people takes.

Oh, and if you are going into the backcountry, carry a 1:24000 map of the area where you are exploring and a compass. There is nothing worse than having someone describe “they are under a tree” in a forest of tens of thousands of trees. (I know y’all who go venturing probably already do this so please don’t get offended).

My nephew has been a raft guide up in Jackson this summer and he said it’s depressing how many people think that rivers flow in a circle and they’ll get out where they put in.


I’d say “yeah, just stay on until you hit the Idaho border and then it loops back around.”

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They’re used to The Lazy River @ Wet’nWild water Park


Who among us has not enjoyed a lazy river


My brother was a surveyor up along the Snake in the early 1980s when he was in school. Every year the Jackson paper would have an article on the dumbest things tourists asked that summer. My favorite was, “When do the baby elk turn into moose?”


I worked at Jackson Lake Lodge a few summers. Some of the better questions were about putting the animals in their pens at night.

Sometimes we’d stop along a road and just point. Tourists would stop and ask what we were looking at, we’d say moose, elk, bear, whatever. They’d believe us and try to take pictures of animals that didn’t exist at that spot.

People are gullible.

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