There are now only three D-I COLLEGE football teams left in existence; Army, Navy, and Air Force

Their student athletes are ineligible for NIL, they are only eligible for the transfer portal after they have completed their four year commitment to the academy, and they are not awarded redshirt years. Their academic achievement and standards far exceeds most if not all of the other D-I college football programs. Watching 8-4 Air Force defeat 11-2 James Madison in the Armed Forces bowl was a thing of beauty. The disciplined Falcon cadets were assessed ZERO penalties the entire game.

About 10-15 years ago I figured D-I football was due for some sort of seismic collapse, seeing that it grew too large, metastasized, far exceeding the original intent and purpose of college athletics, transforming into an out of control leviathan. I figured a number of the mega programs would be found guilty of grade fixing, massive under the table payments, etc. But, it was ruined from within.

With a number of first string football players summarily quitting the Utah team prior to when they were needed the most (using 2023 politically correct speak, opted out) I think it is time to ditch the FAMILY team mantra, which now rings hollow. I’ll be surprised if Whittingham does not retire at the conclusion of next season

They’re actually eligible to transfer until they begin their junior year.


You’re saying the four or five bullet graphic displayed during the TV broadcast of the Armed Forces Bowl was incorrect? Even if this is so, at any rate, other than the service academies, D-I “college” football is cooked, toast, stick a fork in it. But, no matter how much hypocrisy, no matter how much it morphs, many people will continue to have a religious cult like allegiance to it, pretending it is something it is not, or that it used to be.

I don’t believe anyone questions the Service Academies (which should include the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine Academies) being institutions where College Football is secondary to the true mission of the school. No one attends these schools with the idea of becoming a professional sports athlete. They go there to study their degree discipline, organizational management, military history, and organizational leadership. All of these Academies are the most selective post secondary institutions in the world.

Their fielding of sports teams that compete with FBS Schools is only based on tradition. They, unlike the Ivy League who left that is FBS decades ago, made a choice to stay and compete again the schools they felt were the best. Generally, they tend to lose a lot playing P5 schools; but every so often they find magic and have a stellar season. AFA had a stellar season, and props to them on it.

To the dumpster fire that is the whole NIL/Transfer Portal, I agree it is a pure cluster. That stated, I remember a book I read several decades ago myna sport agent where he called out the myth of College Football. To sum the simple stuff, did you know Jim Thorpe and Joe Gipp got paid by their respective Universities to play football? To his credit, at least Thorpe went to class. To players getting paid, the under the table crap has been going on forever, and occasionally a university here and there got caught doing it - the most famous case being SMU. When you look at any number of Universities in the P5, payola was the name of the game. After watching Untold: Johnny Football and Swamp Kings, it is fair to say the profiteering the Universities and the NCAA was doing on the performance of athletes was obscene - even when under the table is considered. Unsavory? Absolutely! No Question!

NIL created a marketplace for kids to get paid above board. It’s ugly, it’s messy, and it needs reform. The

Portal just adds fuel to the fire. A lot of these kids aren’t looking at a post athletics future away from football or basketball. They think they will be playing in the NFL or NBA. Some Universities have programs that do a better job than other schools to prepare players for that. Even in those places, the odds are long. Though one thing is for sure, if you aren’t playing with the first string om Saturday, you sure as hell won’t be playing on Sunday. After these years now with the portal, all it has really done is get players off rosters who were generally unhappy without cutting them. We have seen a few success stories from people changing schools (I.e. Bo Nix, Cam Rising), but the vast majority never get picked up by another school - at any level. Some could say had they stayed, done the work, studied and graduated to a new career they would’ve been better off; but as hindsight is 20/20, it’s unfair to the kid who wants to chase the dream. They can always decide to finish their education if they really want it.

Yes the whole thing sucks, and sucks some of the fun out. That said, kids having dreams is what it’s all about in the end. Winning it all is great, but as the system this season is pretty rigged, and next season it will still be rigged - only different, I choose the cheer the kids living their dream.


I didn’t watch much of the Arizona/Oklahoma game last night (too bad for me, sounds like the 4th Q was a fun watch), but what I did catch was a short sideline interview with Brian Bosworth. He basically said that NIL is really messed up because you wind up with a couple of kids making monster dollars while most of the others aren’t getting much of anything. He said it has to be fixed so that it’s more equitable in a team concept. I never really cared for Boz, but he made a lot of sense to me last night.


I’m sure Boz got his share of cash at OU in the mid-80s. But yeah, he’s right.

I have no interest in the NFL, but the state of Utah can’t get an NFL team soon enough, in order to satisfy people interested in watching real professional football, instead of the contrived, hypocrisy laced minor league version now practiced at the U, or the School Down South. It’s good Rice-Eccles limited expansion to 50k, because a large part of the market will summarily switch allegiance to the NFL if/when that occurs.


Nicely put. I’m debating if I should just completely abandon CFB. Have yet to watch a single second of post-season games. The wild, wild west of unconstrained NIL is worse than anything that the pros have to offer.

The current constitution of NIL/CFB bothers me. The current trend of “buying” players based on alumni/sponsor money does not work for me.