Theory: Parity can be solved by power schools in key states

I know we discuss parity in college football and people are tired of Oklahoma, Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson. I have heard this theory that there are three states who have caused the problem in the parity issue.

The theory is that Florida’s big three need to keep their players, California’s Schools need to keep theirs and Texas needs to keep theirs. Currently, Alabama pulls more kids out of Florida (and south Florida particularly) than Miami, UF or FSU. How many kids are leaving Texas, California and Florida for the four I mentioned.

This is not my theory. I do think the demise of those state institutions has caused Alabama’s rise. As well as the lack of diversity of brands in the playoff discussion. THOUGHTS?

Also, it would be interesting to see Utah raid a state like Texas and California.

We already do.


For their 5* talent? I will give Whitt credit for grabbing the highest rated recruit in 2020 in program history according to 247, Clark Phillips III

As far as I know, we’ve never scored a 5*. But we still get good talent from Texas, California, and Florida. And we compete without any 5* guys. So, I don’t think your premise will ever happen.

I disagree. I think Utah is a desirable place for 5*. Whitt develops players. I think if the conference starts competing for Playoff titles they will give a bigger look at UofU. No reason for Mississippi State to have 7 5* in their history and Utah to have zero, IMHO. Moreso with Transfer rule and NIL.

Edit: Also, means Utah has to keep their best talent in state as well.