The “what are you cooking right now?” Thread

I just like a vinegary sauce. Its probably my favorite way to eat ribs.

Ok, makes sense with what you meant.

One of the easier creations then is get your preferred vinegar (apple cider, balsamic, whatever). Add your spices. If if were me I’d add chili flakes, garlic, onion, parsley, thyme. Let it sit at least a week, then check flavoring. In there you may want to add some peppercorns, or sugar. If you add sugar, or salt heat up your vinegar or create some heated liquid to put your salt or sugar into solution or dissolve those solids.

I’d also add some distilled water to get to the flavor that I was looking for if it became too strong with just vinegar and spices alone.

Just my suggestions.

Short answer, is yes I cooked professionally for a long time. So, if you were to eat at my place I sometime make complex stuff, but mostly it’s fairly simple stuff that I can throw together in an hour or less. There are things, like if I’m smoking that take much longer, but I don’t plan many menus out for our home consumption. I hate leftovers is part of it. It’s not easy cooking for 2 people.

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So you’re in charge of the BBQ for the next UF.N tailgate?

It’d be fun, but kinda stuck in Ea. NC.

Time to bring this thread back to life, as it were. I’m making garlic confit right now. Smells wonderful in my house. I use garlic confit in my mashed potatoes, as well as in a dip. Too much and it gets a bit gross. I use the oil when I saute some dishes that require garlic, just a little extra zing.

Recipe: garlic cloves, enough oil (EVOO-canola mix is best IMO) to cover plus a little more, a sprig or 2 of thyme, and a bay leaf. Put on heat to just under a simmer. You’ll know it’s done either by color, kind of like a latte color or by how soft the cloves are. The cloves should squish like a mashed potato, super soft.


Excellent. I love confit.

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