The U. of U. photo thread

I took this shot 5 years ago. The U’s setting and architectural scheme are truly beautiful. Post your own U.-related pics here.

I agree. We’ve been pushing up buildings for 20 years. It’s just amazing how many buildings have been either built or refurbished since 2000

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I wish I had a picture of the Huddle to post. I didn’t even own a camera then.


It’s still vivid in my nightmares.

Loved the Huddle.

I went there in high school, sometimes with Irving Washington. I thought it was a place where the cool, grungy, sophisticated college kids hung out.

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Strike the cool and sophisticated part and you described me hanging out in the huddle.


For me, it was the Ft. Douglas Military Club and the Pie.

Drank four rusty nails and a godfather At the M club after finals there one night.

God and I are still talking about it. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Smoked some of my first cigarettes there (not with LA)

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Cool/grungy, foreign and sciences students (not to forget my favorites-the professional students)

I’ve been looking for a photograph of Big Ed’s for years but cannot find one. Not the newer Big Ed’s on University Street, but the old one that was on 2nd South, about 1320 East (just west of the alley by the University Pharmacy). There’s some sort of Teriyaki place there now.

I started going there in High School (from East High) in the 70’s for coffee, and actually have the pinball machine that was there at that time. I don’t recall what year they moved around the corner.

Anyone have a photo of the old Big Ed’s?

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It just occurred to me that many on this board don’t understand the term"professional student" the way it was used back in the good old days – the students who would change their majors two or three times and take 7-8 years to graduate, and work wasn’t why it took so long.

Zonker Harris said being a sophomore was the best three years of his life.


This was taken in spring 2011. That P-12 banner blew my mind. I probably stood outside the stadium for 10 mins looking at that.