The transformation of television and with it, college sports

We’ve talked about this a lot in the PAC-12 death thread. I think the subject deserves its own thread.

For starters, I received this in my email today:

I’ve already watched a bit of Freevee. This just reminded me that it was only a matter of time before the streaming services went to advertising-supported services. I wonder if will be just an option, or will eventually predominate? What seems to be coming is television like is was before streaming, with lots of ads but also the ability to choose the programming you want.

HBO Max, Hulu and YouTube currently have plans with advertising (cheaper) or without. I’m old school, I like a break to make a fridge run or a bathroom break.

TV sports has never seemed more complicated or confusing. I wish the University of Utah had a premium streaming package for Utah sports where I didnt need a subscription to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, FS1. FS2. Etc. I’d pay a healthy monthly fee for that.


I think that is coming at some point. Just look at all the twitch video game producers, let alone all the youtube channels.


Yeah, I don’t really mind it either.


I generally hate content-interrupting TV advertisements/commercials. I only tolerate it for College Football because I have no choice. I wish there were fewer commercials during the games. They could make up for it with some sort of on-screen advertising that doesn’t take us away from the game. This could also help shorten games. It’ll never happen though.

No matter what is on Freevee, I avoid it like the plague. Why watch something with commercials when you can watch it elsewhere without commercials? Except, apparently, they have very cheesy looking ‘originals’ that you can’t watch elsewhere…

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…Except Freevie is now creating its own content. The three shows my wife and I watch are only shown there. That said, waiting for the new seasons is going to be a major bummer.

Let me introduce you to my friend the pause button


My biggest issue with college football is that we only get like 16 minutes of actual gameplay but the games are 3+ hours long. All of that is ads. And now you’ve got Saban and Whitt and other coaches trying to make the game quicker by not stopping the clock…

Let’s just show 40% less ads, Saban can make 1 million a year instead of 10, the football team can lift weights with the gymnasts and fly with all the other regulars and my life can be better.

Through the years, they keep on ‘speeding’ up the game by changes like restarting the clock after an out of bounds play and now keeping clock running after a first down. Yet the games get longer and longer and fans in the stands spend more time each season watching the official holding the countdown clock in the SW corner of the stadium.


Gotta put that saved time to work. Ad space pays the bills.

Yes, it’s a really ■■■■■■ answer, but it’s what I’ve got.

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You are absolutely right. It does pay the bills. BUT, my argument is that it’s time to start trimming the fat. We don’t need so many bills. I don’t need the stadium to be full of suites for rich bros to high five each other over lines of coke while the game is played behind them. I don’t need Whitt making 7 million a year. That’s disgusting. Maybe the OL don’t need to be 325lbs of pure muscle. Cut back on the weight rooms. Do they need chartered flights?

There is so much waste and it’s hitting a breaking point. I haven’t watched Utah games live for a few years now. I just can’t justify 4 hours for 15 mins of gameplay. And I sat for weeks this year debating even getting the PAC-12 Network. Between that and the NFL, I’m paying $145 a month or like $35/wk for these games. At what point is it too much?

I don’t know, but I’m getting close to that point. Especially with practices closed down and Whitt being secret agent man. It’s gone away from college football and if they want it to be a NFL-light experience…

Well, I got my birds and they are just better and they won’t beat out my birds.


Until you have over 100 wrens, finches, sparrows, and hummingbirds having a free for all in your yard, you don’t have birds. :wink:


Ha ha. That’s the goal! We do get hundreds of hummingbirds on our little island every spring. So I’m on my way!


It’s 6:00 pm Pacific time on a Friday night and ESPN 2 is showing a cornhole championship. And the PAC-12 couldn’t get a deal together. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ A game that drunk people play at tailgates before football games and here we are.