The transfer portal + NIL + no serious rules = chaos

Fisher fires back…grab your popcorn!

“You’re taking shots at 17-year-old kids and their families that they broke state laws, that we bought every player in this group,” Fisher said. “We never bought anybody. No rules were broken, nothing was done wrong. These families, it’s despicable that a reputable head coach can come out and say this when he doesn’t get his way or things don’t go his way.”

No one offered Dalton Kincaid. A known Alabama troll website was saying that.

Fisher sort of told on himself here. The fact is Saban was talking to boosters about collectives. I don’t disagree with what TAMU did. That said, Saban has been known to cause people to act like this as a sort of warning that if you want this to be the rules, don’t get mad when he does it. Jimbo has like three loses a season and hasn’t won a division let alone a conference in near a decade. No one is worried about Jimbo

I :heart: SEC pillow fights!


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Weird how Jimbo got mad at Coach Saban but this is their pitch:

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Not much news here. I hope Harlan is right about NIL rules coming soon. I’m not optimistic, but it probably can’t hurt to have some.


Sounds like the Kincaid to Alabama rumors that were on this forum earlier.

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Probably the worst-kept secret in Utah football this year.


Alabama’s total NIL deals are 3 million. Doubt they are offering a TE 1 million. Maybe a DB but def not a TE. Also, as stated this summer the only “ALABAMA PEOPLE” who mentioned that were troll sites. Now, if it was Brock Bowers maybe but not Dalton Kincaid.

Well the million dollar number might be off but clearly there was an offer of some kind. :person_shrugging:

As I’ve posted on this site before, I’m spending a #%^* ton of my personal time on getting NIL deals for Utah players. I can personally verify the validity of the rumors. BTW I started 2 separate threads recently on the new Ute NIL TV show “Talkin Utes” and there hasn’t been one single response. I’m a bit surprised nobody has even commented on it. We’re the first set of boosters in the entire country to create a specific NIL TV show that will create 12 separate NIL deals for the football team, then it’ll roll into men’s basketball, women’s basketball, gymnastics and skiing. Not a single peep to my posts. That’s been surprising.

Also, it def wasn’t Alabama who contacted him but probably some booster if at all. Our fans are functioning with limited mental capabilities. It’s sad but I don’t enjoy attending games anymore because they are some of the worst fans in football. Definitely the type who wrap their confidence and identity in what 17-23 year old men do on Saturdays in the fall.


Definitely the type who wrap their confidence and identity in what 17-23 year old men do on Saturdays in the fall

Well spake

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Threads here? I haven’t seen them, and I would have responded. I think there’s some algorithms in the board code that funnel threads to users, based on user activity or perceived preference, or something. I’ve had the same experience (on far less interesting topics, granted.)

Correct. I posted a new topic on Oct 9 and then a second one just 3 days ago. Posted into a black hole apparently? They still show up in my menu lower down in the chronology.

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I’ve watched both Talkin Ute’s that have aired and thought they were good. Only critique is PK needs to talk less (or not at all…).

Have also watched the Extra Point vids, and they are also good. It’s fun to get personal insights from the players.


I can’t/won’t listen to PK. He’s unbearable. He needs to be sent off IMO.


Ditto. He’s in the same mold as Gordon Monson.


Interesting story about NIL, Kincaid, etc. (Note: If Alabama was involved, I think it was almost certainly a booster or some other rogue actor. But if so, that’s one of the big problems with NIL. How do we regulate that?)

More on that NIL story, Kincaid, Harlan and Whitt.

(Embedded link is to DesNews.)

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