The stream must go on!

Greetings all!

With the 2020 football season basically being a no-go at this point, I figured I better step up and offer some football goodness each week this season to keep the unwashed masses somewhat appeased.

Initially I was planning on setting up a stream each game day to show a previous matchup between our Utes and the opponent they would have played that week based on our original schedule for the season.

9/3 - BYU
9/12 - Montana State
9/19 - Wyoming
9/25 - Cal
10/2 - USC
10/10 - WSU
10/17 - UW
10/24 - BYE <== I’ll put up voting for what game to show here!
10/29 - UCLA
11/7 - Arizona
11/14 - OSU
11/21 - Arizona State
11/28 - Colorado

However, I wanted input from all of you on what specific games you wanted to see!

  • Show the most recent game where Utah won!
  • Show the most recent game played (even if Utah lost).
  • Vote each week for which specific game to show (I have copies of most games back to 2004)!

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If we go with a vote each week I will open up voting for the game to show 1 week before each game is set to be streamed.

I’m planning on starting the streams each game day at 6:00pm MT.

This is a GREAT idea - my wife and I will be watching each week, with a freshly grilled plate of brats, sauteed onions, and cold beer!



Great idea!!! I would vote for:

  1. Most recent game with opponent (Home or away to coincide with the schedule)
  2. If no, #1 available for streaming - then most recent game with opponent (regardless of win or loss)
  3. Most significant win against opponent
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One of the more memorable games from my early years of Ute fandom. (likely no tape available since this was before they started allowing more than a few games to air on TV each week)

1981 Wyoming at Utah where the Pokes had previously beaten BYU in Laramie in weather conditions that made Hoth seem tropical and were on track to win the WAC. Utah was doing well too and it was pretty much an elimination game for the conference title.

Pokes brought a lot of loud fans filling much of the old general admission areas in the north stands and the Dubya-Why-Oh chant boomed throughout the stadium, with us students and rest of the Utah faithful responding and yelling too. Just an incredible atmosphere with Utah pulling it out 30-27. Pokes were driving late, could have tied with a field goal (this was before OT rules) but a tie likely would have kept them from winning the title so they had to go for it.

Utah ended up losing what was essentially a title game in Provo the following week (Jim McMahon was just too much for us), but that Ute-Cowboy game was sure a great one.


I was at that game. I remember hearing all the Poke fans. Early in the game when Wyoming had a lead one of their fans yelled, “There goes your bowl game, Redskins”. At the end of the game I yelled, “There goes your bowl game, Cowboys” back at him. Timing is everything.


Utah and Wyoming both were great teams that year. But this was when far fewer teams got bowl invites and WAC was pretty much only the champ (always that ONE team) went to San Diego every season

What a terrific idea! What can I offer in return. Happy to send my wife! All sales final!

My vote for bye week is Iowa State in 2009. 1,000 all purpose yards? That game was fun as hell. As a backup, 2015 Washington was a game too. Those 2014 & 2015 defenses were awesome.

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It’s a wonderful idea!
You don’t have to show the BYU game at all though

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Love this idea!!

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Thanks. No wife payments needed!

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This is Awesome! Where will this be streaming?

Likely on Twitch.

A link to the stream will be posted on each game day.

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Thanks all for voting! It looks like we’ll be voting each week on which game to show!

To make it a little less crazy on everyone, and myself, I will pick 3 games from each week of past seasons (back to 2004) for everyone to vote on. Voting will open Sunday one week before each stream. I’ll create a new thread for each voting week.

To ensure that the most people who want to watch can watch (weekday games can be tough for some to be home in time to watch), the game with the most votes will be shown on Saturday at 6:00pm MT.



Thanks so much!
Great idea. Lot’s of work on your part.
It will be fun to watch everyone participate.

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