The spring depth chart is out!

Lots of interesting stuff.

A couple of interesting changes/additions. Caine Savage was listed as a CB last year and will be at WR in Spring. Set Orange County record for receptions his junior year with 124 and added 96 his senior year. A couple of walk-on receivers to keep an eye on: Zach Vaughn, brother of Zemaiah Vaughn and Pierre Moudourou.

Lots of Fr & So. Oline is really young.

A decent article:

I look at this depth chart and I see the word “motivation”.

Some of the guys are being challenged to firmly establish themselves in the 2 deep and make it stick through fall camp, over the challengers who will appear in August.

Can they rise to the challenge? To be seen…

Also, the depth on the O-line is good. Just about everyone has started, even if they’re young. Meeting the challenge of really talented D-lines will be the next step on the ladder.


This will not make Sancho happy.

Kyle Whittingham says Charlie Brewer is “quite a bit ahead of everybody else” in Utah football quarterback competition (

In reality its too early to tell much of anything. We’ll have Cam Rising back in the fall as well as the Texas QB transfer. I would guess Rising will be the favoite going into fall camp.

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Cry emoji.

I mean, if he’s really great, that’s not bad news. I’m just afraid of perma-settling into a “we need a senior transfer because our promising young players transferred out” mode. I don’t think there’s a long term recipe for success there.

I also don’t think we have a great team this season, so I’m willing to give either Bad Moon or Sweet Pete some playing time. But I’ve always said if Brewer is head and shoulders above the rest, we have to go with him.

Will the Utes spring game be on TV? I caught a couple of minutes of the ASU spring game on PAC-12 network yesterday.

See Bryan Thompson play?

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No. Didn’t stay on it long. Just made me wonder if the Ute game would be shown too.

Another Whitt hearts Charlie article.

Utah Utes: Charlie Brewer separating himself from other QBs at camp - Deseret News

It’s pretty unusual, isn’t it, for Whitt to be so vocal about his love of a particular candidate for that important position?

When is the last time we didn’t hear that the QB position is much improved? Even last year we heard that Bentley had an NFL arm that Huntley supposedly didn’t have.

The only two things that matter in spring practice…

  1. The kids get the playbook and fundamentals worked; and
  2. No one gets a serious injury.

Everything else doesn’t matter.


I will believe in the hype when I see it. I remember Whit raving about Tommy Grady.

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We had the best QB situation in the country in 2006. So many QBs we didn’t know what to do with, redshirted Brian Johnson.