“The Sounds of Silence” covered by Disturbed

As some of you might have gathered, I really love great covers of great songs. Here, Disturbed covers “The Sounds of Silence,” an iconic Simon and Garfunkel song from the 60s and its terrific lyrics and a terrific melody. This is a tour de force:

Not a fan

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Not sure I would have ever envisioned you posting a song by this band. I prefer the original.


I’d never heard of Disturbed until I saw this YouTube. I prefer the original too, but I believe covers often add a new texture to a brilliant song that helps one appreciate the song in a new way.


Here’s a good one.

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I enjoy Disturbed’s music. I find their version of Sounds of Silence unique. I too prefer Simon and Garfunkel’s version, but Disturbed did a good job and made their own.

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@Steggys_Mixtapes Miey’s cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit was surprisingly good. Not what I expected in the least.

I was being ironical.

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Paul Simon has praised Disturbed’s version more than once.


My high school freshman english teacher was infatuated with the Sounds of Silence. We spent a day or two critiquing the lyrics.

My most recent cover favorite:

Every once in awhile when I drive through the main gate at Vandenberg AFB (soon to be renamed Space Force Base) I’ll play a snippet of a moderately known Beatles piece and ask the 20 something year old Airman to name the band. If they seem stumped I’ll give them the hint, stating, they are the most famous band in the history of the world thus far, which fortunately seems to do the trick more often than not.

I was waiting for the chin rings to kick in the angry voice. I think their Rally Monkey song is better.

Dave Draiman hasn’t had those for a few years now

This thread would not be complete without including this.

Always loved Linda’s version

I’m not a huge fan of the original of this song, but I really like this cover. Sturgill has a couple of great covers in addition to his original work.

(I could use a little help with the embed)

Simon & Garfunkel covers; my favorite is the Lemonheads doing Mrs. Robinson–which is at least 20 years old.?


How has someone not posted something from Me First and the Gimme Gimmies? :slight_smile:

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Not bad for a former hospital administrator, eh? Glad David Draiman went the music route instead of law school.

David Draiman explains the band’s cover of The Sound of Silence: