The quintessential college student - University of Utah edition

I just rode my bicycle past the intersection of University Street and 200 South, and on the corner waiting for a bus, was a student, early 20s, 6 feet tall, not too thin or or athletic, but looked like he could probably use a meal.

He had shoulder length blond hair, a short scruffy light brown beard, black horn-rimmed glasses, wearing tennis shoes, faded denim pants, a red Ute tee shirt, and a tan leather jacket.

He looked exactly like the TA who taught the evening calculus series I took in 70’s. In fact I laughed to myself wondering if he was the grandson of that TA.

It occurred to me that the person I saw would not have look out of place in that location at anytime since the mid 60’s.

Does he sound familiar to anyone else?

Sounds like some of the students you would see when I went there.

I was there in the early 90’s.

There were two stereotypical students:

Grunge- ratty jeans, long sleeve t-shirts, with a flannel, on or tied around the waist.

Preppy- baggy jeans (Girbaud or Guess), or jeans shorts if it was warm. Rugby or polo shirts, or some gawd awful sweater.

Both groups preferred Doc Martins for their footwear.


I think every year there are the guys who look and act like Jeff Spicoli. I had the same major as a guy who was the ski-bum Spicoli. There was even a photo of him on the cover of Powder Magazine that was taken at Alta. He was a guide for Wasatch Powderbird for a few years.

He is now a totally preppy, clean-cut real estate agent in Park City.

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Does anyone remember Levis corduroy pants (called simply “cords”)? My daily wardrobe in law school. Old V-neck sweater with a t-shirt of a color that might have made sense. I think it was the grad school look in the late 70s/early 80s.


My favorite casual pants right now are cord jeans. They are comfortable, a bit less casual than denim, and come in colors you don’t see in denim. I have no idea if they are in fashion, but I love them.

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My oldest just got accepted to the U. we went out in September to check out the campus and it blew us both away.


I was forced to wear cords in junior high school, and it scarred me forever!

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Corduroy Bell Bottom “Hand Me Downs”…it was a special part of hell where I was forced to reside in Jr. High.

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I’m sorry.