The Playoff committee message is clear

To be included in the playoffs, the Utes need to dominate and win convincingly Friday night.

It can’t be close, they must demonstrate clear superiority over the Ducks, just like they have against their other opponents this season.

As Kyle often says, control the controllables.

Go Utes!!

So it is
Let it be so

Totally agree, I see it this way:
Win convincingly, CFP
Win Narrowly, Rose Bowl
Lose, NY6 Bowl

In all cases, I will feel like result is justified. At the end of the day, we should have beaten USC but we didn’t.


I agree, but with the weather expected to be wet and windy, I hope that is factored in.

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Agree regarding the weather. But I’m gonna go ahead and guess that the committee will just look at the final score.

Whatever though. At this point I just want to beat Oregon and be PAC 12 champs.


I think the CFP Committee should consider what Oklahoma’s game would have looked like without the fumbles by Jalen Hurts.

Since it has been my personal policy since USC to take it two games at a time, because the one game at a time thing wasn’t working I’ll say it. Utah beats Oregon, gets into the CFP and shocks LSU to make it into the championship game.

Don’t ask me about the CFP championship game - I’m trying to just take it two games at a time.


I’ll go 3 at a time. Clemson upsets OSU and we beat Clemson by 10+!


100% agree. Beat Oregon and get the first ever P12 championship first. Let the cards fall as they may in the beauty pageant after.

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The committee chair said that they will be watching all the relevant Conf championship games together, and debating the merits along the way.

Like anything, who knows what happens after the coin toss, but I feel like there is an excellent chance that we will be dominant. And I feel like IF we are, then LSU would be putting themselves at peril should they slip up against UGA. Because IF we are 12-1, Pac12 Champs, and do it with the same margin of victory that we’ve had to-date, I just don’t see the Committee excluding us by letting both LSU and Georgia in. And at that point, it’s pretty difficult to make the argument that LSU is the better team since they didn’t even win their own conference.

Agreed, I should probably care more about the CFP, but I don’t. I do think we could surprise someone in the first round, but I would be satisfied with the Rose Bowl.

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I’d be really surprised if we beat OSU. But what do I know?