The play of the game

Check out the block Bernard puts on the one UCLA player who might’ve caught Tafua.

That block was exceptional. Perfect play by Bernard.


This team plays with so much intensity, intelligence and selflessness. I’ve never been more impressed and proud of our Utes.

I’m looking forward to seeing this team take on Oregon and other top teams in the nation during the postseason!


I love Bernard. I’m so happy he was able to get out of that cesspool down south and join a real team. I’m so happy for him and his success.


Bruin fans were calling for a block in the back.

But not by Bernard. Bernard turned and hit that guy head on. And then everyone piled into the brick wall and tumbled. I think the hit in the back was just part of the pile up. Hard to call that.

Correct, not on Bernard. It was a block in the back, but it also happened at the same time Bernard was laying the wood. So it was a correct non-call as it did not and would not have impact led the play.