The PAC-12 football thread, 2019

This can be an ongoing thread for happenings around the PAC-12 — kind of an ongoing discussion. Our new format allows that. Let’s try it and see how it goes.

Here’s a start:

From the Seattle Times, which is unhappy with the Huskies:

“And it’s not that Puka isn’t playing, either; the highly touted freshman receiver just rarely runs a route. Most often, he enters the game, blocks for a running play and then immediately exits again.”

I’ll bet he’s a happy dawg.


Wait til they play us. Doubly so if Moss is all the way back. That will leave a mark. Remember the 336 yard game when the Retiree(Joe Williams) came back and was good and warmed up? In their house no less. Probably not that many yards, but we should be all over them. This week against OSU will confirm that possibility.