The PAC-12 / DirecTV battle Will Be Over Soon

AT&T confirms that it is no longer marketing DirecTV except in rural markets.

Didn’t see this coming back when there was a lot of angst about not being on DirecTV, but it still fits into my mantra of having more patience with our current setup.

Just think if the Pac-12 network had caved in to DirecTV demands and accepted a lower payout which would have forced the network to re-work the deals with the other carries to give them the same lowered payout (favored nation type clause in the contract).

I’m hoping we’ll start to see more benefits of the way the network is structured in the next few years… hopefully. I doubt we’ll see SEC/Big-10 level income just because geographically football isn’t king in the west like it is in those conferences. But we can still see a larger uptick in revenue.

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