The P12's massive ESPN problem

I mentioned this in the Utah/OSU game thread yesterday, but it may be worth it’s own discussion. When I got home from the Utah game yesterday, I was flipping back and forth between the Auburn/LSU and Clemson/NC State games, one on ABC and the other on ESPN.

During each game, there were multiple cut-ins showing highlights and finals for other ranked teams throughout the day. And during the halftime show, they did highlights from “around the top 25”.

There was no mention of the P12 at all. Not one. They showed highlights of literally every other top 25 team, but did not even show the score of the Utah game. There was not a single mention that two other top 15 P12 teams (USC and Oregon) had games coming up later that evening. The P12 literally doesn’t even exist as far as ESPN/ABC is concerned.

It’s a shame, as I think the P12 has 4 (maybe 5, depending on what WA turns out to be) good teams this year. But because ESPN is driving the narrative and wants to have all the leverage in shaping what the sport will look like moving forward, it is making the very obvious choice to completely ignore anything west of the B12. In watching the last couple weeks, I’ve seen them grudgingly give a couple mentions here and there to USC (because they’re USC) but everyone else in the P12 may as well be in college football wasteland as far as the largest content provider in the business is concerned.

Like it or not, that complete lack of exposure drives public perception of the conference and the ranked teams. When it comes to the end of the year and it’s very close between a P12 and a B10 team for the last playoff spot, who do you think gets the nod? The team ESPN has been paying attention to all season, or the team they have completely ignored and pretend doesn’t exist? It’s pretty obvious which way that domino will fall.

That’s a huge issue for the P12 and one that I have no idea how they even begin to mitigate.

There are rumors (from people with “sources”) that ESPN and the PAC 10 are far apart in their contract negotiations. I wonder if this is ESPN flexing to strengthen their negotiating position.

Oh, absolutely. They hold all the cards here and have the opportunity here to potentially consolidate their already considerable power.

Candidly, sh*t like this is one of the reasons my interest in college football continues to wane. I’ll always root for Utah, but the idea that there is anything even remotely close to a level playing field and that the sport isn’t being driven solely by $$ is laughable.


I saw that snub by ESPN, but I don’t really care what their halftime show does. I’d probably be more inclined to watch if they had Koko the Farting Monkey Boy on the set.

Pollsters apparently don’t watch, either - Utes up to #10 in the AP.


We will see. Good chance they could come here for Gameday, although that could be attributed to promoting USC. Maybe they dont get highlights from the Pac 12 network. Let’s see if the rest of our games on other networks get highlighted. .(I assume we are done with the Pac 12 network for the rest of the year).

I love Koko, saw him fart the National Anthem to open up Midget Wrestlemania XXII


Might be something to that. This shows the video of Phillips’ three picks, but no audio.

I don’t really care either. Regardless of how I feel, however, it does (intentionally?) hurt the perception of the conference when other fans never hear a peep about a dominating win from one of it’s best teams. Especially when it keeps happening over multiple weeks.


Thank you for that laugh! :joy:

Maybe the Pac 12’s biggest problem is the Pac 12 network. I couldn’t find a link or anything to the game.

Might be hard for ESPN to ignore the Pac12 for their Gameday on October 15 (Utah-U$C). Of course, Michigan-Penn State is also that day… we’ll see what happens in all the games next weekend.

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Also two top 10 teams with Alabama hosting Tennessee.


Bama could be right about P12 network video availability, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Skiny’s right - ESPN might be applying leverage in the primary rights negotiations.

The Amazon Prime tsunami that hit Thursday Night Football in NFL Week 1 is prolly scrambling some spreadsheets. The streaming market is coming on really strong. Does Apple want in? Where is Google?

The PAC network is quite good technically, but it will be streamed if it survives. I can’t pay for the entire media landscape, things need to change, pronto.

The ESPN poll is a joke (although they have Utah at#7) Texas at#6, U$C at #11, Oregon at #22 and UW at #23. No UCLA. They also have Notre Dame, Baylor, Minnesota and Oklahoma :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Yeah, the FPI metric often spits out some really weird results.

My understanding is that it’s all computer generated though, so not really a “poll” per se.

What key signature did Koko choose? Wind instrument, so probably fairly limited.


There have been many inspirational renditions of the national anthem, but Koko put them all to shame.

Grown men were crying… from national pride or intense eye burning or perhaps humor. It is a mystery for the ages.


Correct. FPI is just FPI. Arguing with a computer about analytics. It even discusses how Utah is in double digits territory to win out.

B flat

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B-flatulence :smiley: